Bill Burton Hammered by Blitzer: We Completely Stand By Our Romney ‘Cancer’ Ad

Here is my on this issue.  Clearly Romney had nothing to do with this women who died of Cancer.  I happen to have some knowledge about the type of business Bain Capital practices.

These types of capital companies began to spring up in the early 80’s.  Capital firms like Bain bought up defunct companies like Macy’s, and ATT&T. They would either recycle them, or take them apart and sell them off, in order to get their original investment back, along with a tightly profit, which is why they are in business in the first place.  They provide a service, they clean up ugly messes s by helping owners get out safely, possibly helping the employees by salvaging, helping bankruptcy courts move smoothly like a ballet, thereby saving tax payers millions of dollars.  They destroy bacteria.

Many people do not realize just how many old failing businesses, now thriving profitable entities,  are still around because of these capital companies.  Now they don’t salvage all companies.  Some companies depending on many accounting factors results will b dismantled.  The point here folks, and again the is that Romney and Bain capital came along when companies are failing.  That means that these workers were going to loose their jobs and beneifits anyway.  And it was caused by the bad business practatices of these failing businesses s founders, owners, board of Directors, etc..

Now the facts ostensibly are that Romney Bain Capital had nothing to do with this women’s death.  BTW, health insurance does not guarantee that u will live forever, or that you will rid yourself of a horrible disease.  I remember many many years ago when Paul McCartney lost his first wife to cancer.  I always remember thinking that here is a guy who had gazillions of dollars, and resources, and lost her anyway.

In closing, I cannot imagine what this man went through, his wife dying of cancer, then ultimately he would have to bury her. My wife is very dear to my heart, living without her is unimaginable.  However, I have some idea of loosing someone very close to me murdered by that God awful horrible disease.   It destroyed my father’s mother, then killed her.  I lost my other Grandmother as well to it.

A few years ago it took my best friends life.  Kerry was one of the most loving, generous, courageous man I know.  And I assure you today he would be disgusted with Obama and his grotesque way of doing business.  He would did not blame anyone for Cancer, nor did he blame anyone when he knew what his fate was.  His last night on earth, he said goodnight to everyone down stairs and went upstairs to meet his maker.  I always believed he knew he would never walk those stairs again that fateful night.

Lastly, people never cease to amaze me, everyone is all over weather Romney, who almost lost his wife to Cancer,  is a cold monster some how not caring and allowing this man’s wife die of Cancer.  Or just a business man doing business.  And when u take several steps back, Romney and Bain Capital were the DR’s trying to save a businesses life.  The original owners are to blame for the failure.

Are you going to blame the DR. or the person that is responsible for you having to go to the DR’s in the first place?  i.e. is America responsible for slavery?  Or are they the champions of abolition?  America always seems to focus on the sensation rather than the truth, facts, the not so obvious.  Perhaps it’s laziness, or we would rather argue juicy rumors.

Bill Burton: We Completely Stand By Our Romney ‘Cancer’ Ad – Guy Benson.

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