UPDATE; Obama wins the second debate. Too bad it’s not the one that mattered.

Jeff Greenfield is right about one thing, Obama should have won the first debate.  And he would have been right about his second comment but for one thing; Candi was sent in to make sure Obama won last night.  Don’t get me wrong here, I don’t believe Obama won, by any stretch of the imagination.  Jeff Greenfield s article is the link at the bottom of the page.

Let me say first, Obama needed a huge victory, and Romney only needs to win 5%-10% of the Independent/undecided group. Romney already has a solid 50%. Obama did not have that huge victory last night, therefore losing that 5%-10%.

Post 2nd Presidential Debate…

Gallup poll shows Romney up 6; too large a gap for Obama comeback?

Gallup poll shows Romney up 6; too large a gap for Obama comeback? | Deseret News.

My rule of thumb is when ever the leader in the polls falls behind his challenger, he has never recovered, I’ve never scene it. Therefore I predict Romney the winner this fall election.

Obama pulled a page right out of the Clinton play book, hide behind the skirt.  Did you see how King O had a tantrum, well a few times, but the won time where he cried, “Candi.” as if his big brother just hit him.

My view is very opposite.   King Obama for sure, if he was going to win re-election, had to come out & be Presidential (which he was not), in command, assertive (only with Candi cane’s help) & aggressive.

Now let me be succinct here, & to the point.  Obama was aggressive, yet not by chose.  If you were to watch the beginning of the debate again, you’ll notice that Romney put King O on the ropes several times in the first rounds of the debate.  Now, because there was no KO, in a boxing match, Romney would have won the debate, having won more rounds than Barry.

I would say that Romney pulled a page right out of Muhammad Ali‘s book, Ole Joe would have agreed.  I’m not talking about the “rope a dope” I wish I was, but Ali became very good @ antagonizing his opponent, like Ali consistently did with Ole Joe Frazier. 

And I could see Obama fall for it time and time again.  The only reason Obama didn’t completely explode in anger on the question about the oil leases, now I don’t know if there is any validity to Romney’s claim or not, that’s not my area of expertise, because King O was saved by, yes again Candi O.  She interrupted Romney, again,  rescued King O, then let him put his version out there.  Ironically, Romney may have been wrong, but King O could not answer the question.  Obama, “hey Candi shut him up!” LOL

Then there was Michelle, http://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2012/10/17/michelle_obama_broke_agreed_upon_rules_clapped_at_debate.html

She made sure Obama would score points.  I noticed it right away, I said to my wife, “that’s against the rules, ” well we know rules are made to b broken when it involves the Dumicrats.  To sum things up here, I guess if you had to score the debate, one would honestly have to call a draw.  Giving Romney the edge because of his first victory, and as Greenfield so eloquently stated, a little to late for the Big O. Not to mention having one fighter, Barrack Obama, and his not so lovely assistant Candi.  Clearly, had she not been the moderator last night, Obama would have lost.  Romney had the technical KO because he won more rounds than did King O.

There is certainly more to talk about how Obama survived the night, I just wanted to cover the two, in my humble opinion were the https://politicalsleightofhand.com/ moments of the evening.


Obama wins the second debate. Too bad it’s not the one that mattered. – Yahoo! News.

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