Did Obama Really Take Away Those Oil Leases? – Forbes

This article magnifies King O’s blatant disregard for what is happening in American business.  And why we find ourselves in a economic quagmire.  Find the link to the Forbes article down below.

Remember, King O gave us the advice of inflating our tires to save gas, and to carry a pressure gauge in your car.  And u might recall King O running on hope & change.  Suddenly @ the bewitching hour, right before the 2008 election, the Bush Bailout manifested.  King O went from hopey changey to some kind of economic genius. 

He wasn’t running on a bad economy, he ran on hope & change.  McCain, the big dumb-ass suspends his campaigning to rescue Washington, and Nancy Piss on a u- bug eyes rejected him tossing him out of Washington on his ear. 

King O became President on his skin color, & John McCain’s throwing the election due to suspending his campaign.  Perhaps for a third reason, not handling Palin well, especially allowing Charlie Gibbs sink his teeth into her when she was just a babe in the woods.
Why did he allow that to happen?  Possibly the answer is McCain deliberately handing King O the election for political reasons, we will never know.

Did Obama Really Take Away Those Oil Leases? – Forbes.

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