Michelle Obama’s Radical Past Involvement in Third World Center at Princeton | TheBlaze.com

When I saw the O’s coming for the first time out of no where running for president, I saw the black version of Bill and Hillary Clinton.  In the early 90’s when we were gearing up for George H.W. Bushes, what we thought would be his re-election campaign, the Dumicrats were in the process of choosing who was going to run against Bush.

Bill Clinton was not even a blip on the radar for a good while.  His name was mentioned form time to time, but of no significance, if memory serves me correctly. 

Jerry Brown looked like the favorite.  Then the Jennifer Flowers scandal surfaced.  Surely he would not survive that.  Well after Hillary cleared the air on 60 minutes, in an unbelievable turn of events, the scandal actually helped Bill Clinton.  The rest is history.

My point here is Bill Clinton was a nobody, a former Governor of Arkansas.  Arkansas, where is Arkansas?  Bill Clinton simply worked for Tyson, while appearing to represent the state of Arkansas, but that’s for another story.  Like Obama, he was a nobody.  Like Obama, Bill Clinton didn’t know his biological father.  You get the point.

Well this link below leads to a discussion about Michelle Obama.  Like Hillary, she was the ambitious one.  Like Hillary, she was driven to be the first lady, like Hillary, she was a lawyer who never really practiced law, at least in the traditional since. 

My view on that is they both became lawyers for political reasons.  In my opinion, I believe like Bill and Hillary, the Obama’s were put together, either by her own hand, or the powers that be, for a surreptitious political agenda.

I’m a pretty good judge of character, and when I looked into MO’s eyes I saw a racist.  Her MO, no pun intended, is to BLACKEN America. This discussion below is an in depth look into her mind.  Take a look, and see if you conclude as I did MO is  a racist.

Please take the time to watch this discussion, it really sheds more light on who these people are.  It is paramount we know as much as possible about these people.  It may b already to late to stop BO from being re-elected, I hope I’m wrong.  Perhaps Isa, along with control of both houses we can impeach the bastard.  Your guess is as good as mine.  GOD SAVE THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!


Michelle Obama’s Radical Past Involvement in Third World Center at Princeton | TheBlaze.com.

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