New al-Qaeda-inspired group eyed in Mindanao blasts—terror expert | Inquirer News

This story is not getting any attention in the media.  Once again I’m reminded that news is all about money today.  America needs to sit up immediately and pay attention.  Today a terrorist attack occurred just 4 miles from the White House,

Now weather this act in D.C. was Al-Qaeda or not, in my opinion it is irrelevant.  What is relevant however is how easy it is to cripple us.  WE THE PEOPLE are sitting ducks, being that most of us are unarmed.

Our Government is so seething with corruption we will more than likely never get the full truth, i.e. #Benghazi.  Yet WE THE PEOPLE can read signs, and gather enough information to determine what this all means.  And I believe once the American people see and can read these signs, then and only then will we rise up take this corrupt Govt down, and replace it with our founders model of self Govt.

The reason I posted this story was to show yet another example of how Al-Qaeda is saturating the planet with its disease infected system of one world Govt one world completely full of one race.  When you look around the world they are everywhere, in large numbers, in Great Britain, all over Middle East, Russia, Canada, Europe, throughout the United States heavy in certain areas of the country.  Ask Y?

Our Govt is not going to solve this, THEY WILL NOT!  I’ve been alive long enough to know this to be true.  That means it is up to us, The American People.  You know, and I know that the last statement is true.  Ask Y not?  Fear is our number 1 enemy.  And Fear will cost us this nation.  We froze years ago, and we are not thawing.  We must thaw quickly.  Today another attack so close to our White House.  What’s it going to take for us to wake up!  What are we waiting for.  Like in the Philippines, they persist even after 12 yrs after 911, still spreading hatred and violence, conquering land, people!  They will not stop until we stop them.  Not if the next attack will be, it’s when will the next attack occur, and where?  FOR GOD SAKE AMERICA, WAKE UP!  

New al-Qaeda-inspired group eyed in Mindanao blasts—terror expert | Inquirer News.

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People who know me would say I'm a political junkie. Some say I should run for office. They would be right about the first part, the later however, well let's just put it this way, I'd rather study them than be studied, lol. When I'm not voicing my opinion, I love computers, web surfing, stamps, coins, gardening, reading, and the english language. My wife has put up with me for more than 23 years, I love sitting on our porch with her, overlooking our paradise on water, during the warmer months. We are both spring babies, our favorite time of year is watching our trees and plants wake up and then go through their cycle. My illustration here of who I am depicts, or at least I hope depicts that I'm not just about politics. My heart belongs to God, my wife and my country. I am a warm blooded male American P8triat, who loves his country, his life, being an American, and all the benifits that America has to offer, especially the first Amendment. MY MISSION STATEMENT! "It is the duty of the patriot 2 protect his country from its government". – Thomas Paine

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