My response to a left winger on FB from NY, who thinks Obama is the most effective President since FDR..

I just posted this on my regular FB PAGE, responding to a left winger from NY praising Obama as being the most effective since FDR, whom btw gave us Social Security....For all of you who have the notion that Obama has been good for this country, please do your homework and check the facts. Here is a link to a huge fact. Our National debt was @ 16 trillion in late 2012 , now chk . (Once you click link, click link below on that page).

Since Obama took office the national debt was @ 9 trillion. Simple math; Obama has now added roughly 8.1 trillion to our national debt, that is almost equal to all other Presidents, COMBINED, that have proceeded him. These are facts, not some pie in the sky theory. Now topped with the disastrous Obama-care, mark my words today, WE THE PEOPLE are going to pay dearly for this. WAKE UP AMERICA!

BTW, I welcome any challenge on Obama’s alleged success, I only have one rule, JUST THE FACTS MAM, and b ready to back them up. I’m a Veteran of the United States Army, I took an oath to serve and protect my beloved country, and I’m here to tell you that America better get the facts straight, wake up and pay attention. We cannot sustain these numbers, we are in serious trouble. This is not about the President, or any other President for that matter, it is about our Country, and our inalienable rights, our God given liberties. If I’ve offended anyone, I make no apologies, my hope here is I anger people enough to get it right, get off the groopies bus, and please get on the patriot express. LET’S ROLL……


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About politicalsleightofhand

People who know me would say I'm a political junkie. Some say I should run for office. They would be right about the first part, the later however, well let's just put it this way, I'd rather study them than be studied, lol. When I'm not voicing my opinion, I love computers, web surfing, stamps, coins, gardening, reading, and the english language. My wife has put up with me for more than 23 years, I love sitting on our porch with her, overlooking our paradise on water, during the warmer months. We are both spring babies, our favorite time of year is watching our trees and plants wake up and then go through their cycle. My illustration here of who I am depicts, or at least I hope depicts that I'm not just about politics. My heart belongs to God, my wife and my country. I am a warm blooded male American P8triat, who loves his country, his life, being an American, and all the benifits that America has to offer, especially the first Amendment. MY MISSION STATEMENT! "It is the duty of the patriot 2 protect his country from its government". – Thomas Paine

2 responses to “My response to a left winger on FB from NY, who thinks Obama is the most effective President since FDR..”

  1. Ray Plenty says :

    FDR was very “effective” at destroying our Republic. I’d say Obama is finishing the job.


    • politicalsleightofhand says :

      Agreed Obama is here to finish the job, yet historically, it was Woodrow Wilson who lead the charge on changing our America into a progressive banana republic. Under Wilson our monetary system was hijacked by the privately owned Federal Reserve, and the sixteenth amendment was born.


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