Rand Paul: McConnell’s challenger ‘should be embarrassed’ to be associated with Bill Clinton….

“Click below to see the video”

You heard it right here first several months ago, #RandPaulin2016.  He is the carbon copy of Ronald Reagan in many ways.  When he Rand, pardon the pun, for Senator in the great state of Kentucky, one of the last true Conservative states.  In that campaign his Democratic challenger Jack Conway took a cheap shot with this statement:

“Why did he freely join a group known for mocking, for making fun of people with faith?” Conway asked during the debate. “When is it ever a good idea to tie up a woman and ask her to kneel before a false idol, your god, which you call Aqua Buddha?”

He used this both in tv ads, and during a debate.  Subsequently Rand Paul took it to the airwaves and scolded, made no excuses, and lambasted Conway.  Paul went on to win the Senate, and was quoted as saying;

VIDEO: Kentuckys Rand Paul scores first major win of the night for the Tea Party.

Rand Paul: ‘It’s a Tea Party Tidal Wave’

“Government does not create jobs,” he said,”individuals, entrepreneurs, men and women, create jobs, but not government… America will remain great if we remain proud [of the] American system enshrined in our founding documents… the system that protects capitalism that has made this country great.”

Rand Paul is the real deal, I don’t remember to many politicians singing the same tune post their election victory, as they were before it.  “Click below to see the video”


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People who know me would say I'm a political junkie. Some say I should run for office. They would be right about the first part, the later however, well let's just put it this way, I'd rather study them than be studied, lol. When I'm not voicing my opinion, I love computers, web surfing, stamps, coins, gardening, reading, and the english language. My wife has put up with me for more than 23 years, I love sitting on our porch with her, overlooking our paradise on water, during the warmer months. We are both spring babies, our favorite time of year is watching our trees and plants wake up and then go through their cycle. My illustration here of who I am depicts, or at least I hope depicts that I'm not just about politics. My heart belongs to God, my wife and my country. I am a warm blooded male American P8triat, who loves his country, his life, being an American, and all the benifits that America has to offer, especially the first Amendment. MY MISSION STATEMENT! "It is the duty of the patriot 2 protect his country from its government". – Thomas Paine

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