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who incidentally has been out of office for over 25 yrs, and dead over 10.

I do not endorse this bull shit about Reagan, let me be very clear here. Ronald Reagan was and still is the best that’s ever happened for this God’s country we call America!

Everything you see in orange below, including this Reaganomics pic, right below.


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Ronnie Ray-Gun Policy Failure

Again the following is not an endorsement, I’m merely exposing the rats that are filling our minds with diseases.  As far as I’m concerned all their doing is recycling the same old garbage. I merely made my comments on this matter, down below. Ronald Reagan is old news, we r living in the 21st century, and have 21st serious problems to resolve in this country. Further, to simply blame everything on one party or President is simply and quite frankly absurd. The stock market is tanking, we have out of control spending going on and we r going to force our children to inherit this mess if we don’t get it under control. Ronald Reagan once said, Govt is the problem that is still true today. It’s not about the white house, it’s not about the sitting POTUS, it’s not about Ronald Reagan, it’s not about party, it’s about the American people.

Left wing loon group link on google plus right below. If you are a google plus member I suggest going here and cause havoc…..

“What can people possibly mean when they say they want America to “return” to being a country ruled by the values of Ronald Reagan? When was this blissful time when thrift and hard work were rewarded and the government knew its place? Certainly not when Reagan was actually president. Under President Reagan (1981–89), the size of the federal government increased by any measure. Executive-branch civilian employment, which covers almost everything except the uniformed military and the Postal Service, was 2.109 million in 1981 and 2.129 million in 1989. Total federal-government employment rose during this period from 4.9 million to 5.3 million.

I could go on. Well, why not? Reagan inherited a federal budget of $599 billion in revenue, $678 billion in spending, and a deficit of $79 billion. He left office with a federal budget of $909 billion in revenue, a little less than $1.1 trillion in spending, and a deficit of $155 billion.”

The following link is an article written by an ignoramus whose father idolized Reagan.  He talks about the deficits and spending that went on under his administration, yet he was controlled by a heavily Democratic Congress, and Senate, oops he failed to mention that.

Ronald Reagan was faced with Jimmy Carter’s abortion of policies when he took office,  coupled with the Soviet Union becoming very close to having a nuclear war with America, and a very failed economy, btw Ronald Reagan never complained.

I remember shortly after Reagan took office, the economy, almost over night exploding. I had a small business back then, and let me tell you Ronald Reagan was good for business. Jobs were abundant, cash was everywhere. Freedom was everywhere, America forgot about the Jimmy error.

Americans felt good, we were producing again, the technology boom came out of those years. America’s military might was once again powerful.  We are the super power today because of Ronald Reagan. Believe me, if this weren’t true I would not be saying this to you today.

The left wing wants to spin another story, as they so often have, they want to change history. Now I’m just a country boy, I’m not anywhere educated like some folks, but I don’t need a degree to know when I’ve been bitten by a rat! Or shoot back when shot at. I calz as I seez em.

Jimmy Carter, until Obama took office in 2008, was the most disastrous President thus far, he left us with our economy in ruins, the beginning of the middle east problem, the origin of 911 was established in his presidency, prisoners in Iran he could not deliver on, and the Soviet Union moving closure to war with us.

Those are the highlights. Quite frankly I would vote for Congress to bring us back,  to the level of spending and debt we had in the 80’s, in a heart beat.

Here is the link to the loony left wing author…..

#RonnieRayGumFailure #RWNJs #Vote2016



The following was my reply on Google.

I think you have your facts wrong bubba. Ronald Reagan left office in 1989, wow really.

Obama made the rich richer, have you taken a look at the true unemployment and the stock market averages since he’s been POTUS? The rich have never been richer, the poor have never been poorer. There isn’t a single Reagan policy in place today, that my friend is the problem. Btw how old ru Daniel, and what proof do u have to validate ur statement? I’m going to assume u weren’t around in those days. Both Republicans and Democrats over-whelming voted for Reagan twice, y do u suppose that is?

You should stay in the present tense, and be more concerned with the present bloated Govt today, and the 10 TRILLION dollars Obama tacked onto the CC, your convoluted facts about Reagan make him out to be a pussy cat compared to Obama, PLEASE!

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