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13 Hours < Must See B4 You Pull Lever in November

13 hours jacket picEvery American should watch “13 Hours” b4 pulling the lever Nov 5th! Obama & Hillary should rot in hell! These extraordinary men fought gallantly without support for 13 grueling tumultuous hours. #Benghazi

Never Forget | Marcus Luttrell*OPERATION RED WING

There are no words on how I feel about what happened to these brave gallant men, on that fateful day, June 27 2005.  This story is very dear to my heart, and I chose to celebrate their lives today on this 4th of July 2014.

Because of brave men like these, we have our Independence, and we often times take for granted.  Please take a moment today to thank God for them and so many thousands of others that made the ultimate sacrifice.  Giving their lives to preserve our Independence, our freedoms, most importantly our Constitution.


Never Forget | Marcus Luttrell.

The Supreme court ruled 9-0 that Obama’s appointments were unconstitutional

Folks, the jury is still out, pardon the pun, yet Obama appears to be losing his grip on our Constitution and our God given freedoms.

When ever one branch of Govt weighs with more power than the other two, our system of checks and balances kicks in.  There-by over-ride what ever branch is over reaching, in this case, The White House.

The founders gave us all the tools we need, we just need to have the power and courage to use them….



via Supreme Court strikes down Obama recess appointments – Josh Gerstein –

Hillary Clinton LAUGHS as she recalls how she helped ‘child rapist’ walk free

Several months ago my prediction by and large that Hillary doesn’t throw her pantyhose in, to run for the DNC nomination for POTUS.  And here’s why, the NY carpet bagger is nothing but a hot air balloon.  Clinton has never accomplished anything notable in her short, “political career” end quote.

She may be somewhat of a marathon runner however, running for the Senate, then her weak attempt @ running for the DNC nomination back in 2007.  Let’s face it folks she lost to Barrak Obama…

Now if you want to consider her alleged baking cookies event, or her appointment as Secretary Of State, or perhaps her role in #benghazitrialnow ,success, then so be it.

Then there’s Attorney Hillary Rodham’s brief stint as an attorney. Her work as an Attorney is hardly anything important to publish, or to mention. unless you consider her work in helping an original Black Panther get off on murder, or how about getting a child rapist off, CLICK BELOW FOR HEADLINE STORY!

Hillary Clinton LAUGHS as she recalls how she helped ‘child rapist’ walk free | Mail Online.

Iran sends troops into Iraq to aid fight against Isis militants | World news |

Well why not, those wonderful people in Iran, just wanting to help out.  In my opinion, they will make it look like they are there to help, then join ISIS, seize the newly refurbished oil fields, and finish the job they sought out years ago, the Iraqi Iran war, and make Iraq, Iran territory.  Obama after giving Iran the nod, will say subsequently, “Oh I didn’t know they would do that.”  ooops, hate when that happens.

click below….

Iran sends troops into Iraq to aid fight against Isis militants | World news |

ALERT: Tim Geithner: The White House Asked Me to Mislead the Public – Fox Nation

Well my fellow Americans, I have said this before and I will say it again Sam, this is Watergate all over again. However there are some significant differences. First, why do I mention Watergate, because Geithner’s statement is just more clues to Obama’s lies and rouge tactics.  And more clues to his involvement in the I.R.S. scandal, and of course BENGHAZI.

1.Nixon was not directly involved with the break in, in fact not only was there no proof of that, there was no significant proof he was involved with the cover up.  My guess is that he probably did, yet we will never truthfully know.  2. The BREAK IN was @ the DNC campaign headquarters inside the Watergate Hotel, .  Now I don’t know about you but breaking into the DNC headquarters for inside information, without getting into the whole analogy of why they were in there in the first place, is hardly anything to be concerned about, really!  3. Nixon’s only “scandal”  , was Watergate, that’s it. And, if you will, protecting his people.

Now Obama on the other hand, 1. I.R.S Gate there is enough circumstantial evidence to warrant an investigation, that lead to IRS official Lois Lerner held in contempt of Congress over Tea Party targeting, Lois Lerner who admitted agency had singled out conservative groups for scrutiny.  2BENGHAZI  four American Citizens, who worked for the President I might ad, were brutally and in savage ways murdered in cold blood, followed by a cover up. 

Now there are a plethora of issues Obama is linked to, like Fast And Furious, but I think the 2 points previously made in this blog are the ones that will ultimately unseat the King Obama.  Clearly, Nixon was involved with a coverup over some documents from the DNC Campaign headquarters.  In my mind, this BREAK IN was purely political, the American people were not in any danger. 

Lastly, Obama is linked to trying to undermine the electoral system, spying on private citizens, and to Benghazi, derelict of duty not protecting his US AMBASSADOR, leading to his murder, then a coverup.  All directly putting the American people in grave danger.  You decide for yourself which President was the real culprit.

As I predicted when Obama was re-elected, Obama had to be re-elected in order for him to face the music on Benghazi, otherwise, Obama would have walked away, along with H. Clinton.  She know doubt would have gone onto be president.  My prediction included that this had and will mirror Watergate.  Like Nixon the scandal broke shortly before re-election, and like Nixon within in a year of re-election top officials would begin to resign, compelling evidence of the crime would surface.  Ultimately Nixon resigned, however we are talking about Monmouth crimes on the American people here, who knows perhaps Obama will be the first President to be tossed out on his ear, and possibly end up in jail, along with Hillary.  Geithners rec-elect is just the tip of the iceberg as to what s to come for Mr Obama.

CLICK BELOW FOR THE Tim Geithner link…

Tim Geithner: The White House Asked Me to Mislead the Public – Fox Nation.

FEC chair warns that conservative media like Drudge Report and Sean Hannity face regulation — like PACs | | News OK

Here we are again, Obama is more concerned about Conservative Talk Show Hosts than he is about #BenghaziHearingsNow Folks we need to take this Big O down…….Whose with me? click link below for story…


FEC chair warns that conservative media like Drudge Report and Sean Hannity face regulation — like PACs | | News OK.

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