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D”Ope”ra For President?


I have said all along another O racist, there is something about the O’s that leave a bad taste in my mouth. 2nd coming of O, no thanks. She pandered to the white people for years to curry favor.

I remember the real D”Ope’Rah back in the old days, she was one of those wacko talk show host’s, she’s nothing more than a Tawdry cheap suit. By the end of Trumps first term, D”Ope’Rah will be a distant nightmare, along with the other O’s.

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Obama: Police Can ‘Make the Job of Being a Cop a Lot Safer’ by Admitting Their Failures

Oblamer in Chief back on the Baltimore shootings, ABOVE

This has the scent & fingerprints of VanJones all over it, and Obama is knee deep in the same shit VanJones is in, all part of the hidden agenda of bringing White America to it’s knees.

Obama is truly responsible for all of the officers slain in recent weeks, the reason they are being assassinated is bc Obama will not do his job, while leaving these officers out for target practice. The Govt manages responsible policing the states, by sanctioning law enforcement, and authoring the laws that law enforcement must uphold. Politicians i.e. #Obama are @ the top, they are responsible for the safety and well being of the American people, God help us, instead the shirk this responsibility and throw their own people under the bus. Obama is the apologize-R in Chief, he is the worst nightmare in American history, America needs Trump desperaTEDly.

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Matt Damon argues with black movie producer Effie Brown about racial diversity

I am by no means a fan of Matt Damon, he was a good actor once, but now I think he’s a big blowhard.  Not to mention a flaming Liberal, which is why this article is fascinating.  Having said all that, I’m sick and tired of the blacks in the minority crying about racial inequality, it is 2015.

My biggest complaint on this issue is black movies hire mostly black actors.  Have you ever noticed the difference between white movies and black movies, in terms of skin color?  Have you seen lately what black actors make, and how much they are worth? Or any other profession for that matter, i.e. football players? Really. Did you know the Will Smith just gave $150’000 to Racist loony Farrakhan, to support one of his black causes? Moreover, I think the black caucus in Congress is racist.  I think the NAACP – Think about that for a moment, that is a racist Title for an organization.

National Association for the Advancement of Colored People

My point is, what is the black communities complaint really? Do they have one?  The civil rights act of 1964, The POUTUS is half black, but leans towards his black side.  The First Lady is black!  Yet they still are not happy, or maybe they don’t want the freebies to go away, along with the political power. which is probably more the case.

White people go over board giving the ship away to the minorities, i.e. they, white people, all but destroyed Paula Dene, why? Do you think in a dominant black community they would give up that much to the white minority? I don’t think so.  South Africa is just about 80% black and as far as I can see white people in that country are not receiving any kind of equality benefits.

America abolished slavery, it did not create it.  White people today owe the black minorities nothing.  Btw, the Democrats labeled blacks minorities back in the 60s.

Lastly, once again, why do black people continue to judge a book by it’s “color?”  Wasn’t that their biggest complaint?  The founders didn’t guarentee anything but a shot at a piece of the American dream, that’s it.  It’s up to us, the American people, black or white to make it happen for ourselves.  God knows I’ve never had any advantage in life.  My white skin got me nowhere.  O.J. Simpson was worth 30 million dollars before he murdered his wife.  I likely will never see that kind of money in my lifetime.  O.J. was a black kid from the projects.  How did that happen in a predominately white country?  I’ll let you figure that out.

Btw, I don’t include good black Americans, in this conversation, who believe in the constitution, and disagree with their prejudice, at best,  brothers and sister’s. Allen West i.e. is one of the finest American I know of.

I’m a white guy, who says get over yourself!

Here is the link to the article below >>>>>>>

Source: Matt Damon argues with black movie producer Effie Brown about racial diversity

One more fact-less loony Tune > Wrong again about Reagan…

who incidentally has been out of office for over 25 yrs, and dead over 10.

I do not endorse this bull shit about Reagan, let me be very clear here. Ronald Reagan was and still is the best that’s ever happened for this God’s country we call America!

Everything you see in orange below, including this Reaganomics pic, right below.


Exposed > Citizens Fed Up’s profile photo
Citizens Fed Up
Shared publicly – 10:38 AM
Ronnie Ray-Gun Policy Failure

Again the following is not an endorsement, I’m merely exposing the rats that are filling our minds with diseases.  As far as I’m concerned all their doing is recycling the same old garbage. I merely made my comments on this matter, down below. Ronald Reagan is old news, we r living in the 21st century, and have 21st serious problems to resolve in this country. Further, to simply blame everything on one party or President is simply and quite frankly absurd. The stock market is tanking, we have out of control spending going on and we r going to force our children to inherit this mess if we don’t get it under control. Ronald Reagan once said, Govt is the problem that is still true today. It’s not about the white house, it’s not about the sitting POTUS, it’s not about Ronald Reagan, it’s not about party, it’s about the American people.

Left wing loon group link on google plus right below. If you are a google plus member I suggest going here and cause havoc…..

“What can people possibly mean when they say they want America to “return” to being a country ruled by the values of Ronald Reagan? When was this blissful time when thrift and hard work were rewarded and the government knew its place? Certainly not when Reagan was actually president. Under President Reagan (1981–89), the size of the federal government increased by any measure. Executive-branch civilian employment, which covers almost everything except the uniformed military and the Postal Service, was 2.109 million in 1981 and 2.129 million in 1989. Total federal-government employment rose during this period from 4.9 million to 5.3 million.

I could go on. Well, why not? Reagan inherited a federal budget of $599 billion in revenue, $678 billion in spending, and a deficit of $79 billion. He left office with a federal budget of $909 billion in revenue, a little less than $1.1 trillion in spending, and a deficit of $155 billion.”

The following link is an article written by an ignoramus whose father idolized Reagan.  He talks about the deficits and spending that went on under his administration, yet he was controlled by a heavily Democratic Congress, and Senate, oops he failed to mention that.

Ronald Reagan was faced with Jimmy Carter’s abortion of policies when he took office,  coupled with the Soviet Union becoming very close to having a nuclear war with America, and a very failed economy, btw Ronald Reagan never complained.

I remember shortly after Reagan took office, the economy, almost over night exploding. I had a small business back then, and let me tell you Ronald Reagan was good for business. Jobs were abundant, cash was everywhere. Freedom was everywhere, America forgot about the Jimmy error.

Americans felt good, we were producing again, the technology boom came out of those years. America’s military might was once again powerful.  We are the super power today because of Ronald Reagan. Believe me, if this weren’t true I would not be saying this to you today.

The left wing wants to spin another story, as they so often have, they want to change history. Now I’m just a country boy, I’m not anywhere educated like some folks, but I don’t need a degree to know when I’ve been bitten by a rat! Or shoot back when shot at. I calz as I seez em.

Jimmy Carter, until Obama took office in 2008, was the most disastrous President thus far, he left us with our economy in ruins, the beginning of the middle east problem, the origin of 911 was established in his presidency, prisoners in Iran he could not deliver on, and the Soviet Union moving closure to war with us.

Those are the highlights. Quite frankly I would vote for Congress to bring us back,  to the level of spending and debt we had in the 80’s, in a heart beat.

Here is the link to the loony left wing author…..

#RonnieRayGumFailure #RWNJs #Vote2016



The following was my reply on Google.

I think you have your facts wrong bubba. Ronald Reagan left office in 1989, wow really.

Obama made the rich richer, have you taken a look at the true unemployment and the stock market averages since he’s been POTUS? The rich have never been richer, the poor have never been poorer. There isn’t a single Reagan policy in place today, that my friend is the problem. Btw how old ru Daniel, and what proof do u have to validate ur statement? I’m going to assume u weren’t around in those days. Both Republicans and Democrats over-whelming voted for Reagan twice, y do u suppose that is?

You should stay in the present tense, and be more concerned with the present bloated Govt today, and the 10 TRILLION dollars Obama tacked onto the CC, your convoluted facts about Reagan make him out to be a pussy cat compared to Obama, PLEASE!

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, I remember……


I remember the day King was shot, the shot that echoed a crossed the nation that early Spring day,1968.  Those were tumultuous times, we lost a great President in my opinion years earlier, JFK. I’m not a racist nor do I label blacks one way or another as a whole. My buddy back in the day, Marty, who had my back in the jungle 24/7. He was black from Georgia. I don’t judge skin nor gender. Milk attempted to teach us that, I got it.

However for all intense and purposes, I will label black people, and show my disdain for their unreasonable thinking, to make my point in this blog. In addition, the phrase “black people” is not meant for all black people. These are my opinions alone.

My purpose for this blog this day, is to point out the hypocrisies and the racism that comes from the black community. White people for most of my life have been kissing their behinds, and I say enough is enough. Martin Luther King’s vision was for all of us to live in peace, together. In my circles of friends you will find no racists. Is there prejudice yes, but no racism. Their is a vast difference between the two.

Speaking of prejudice, there will always be prejudice, Martin Luther King knew that it wasn’t going to be perfect. Define prejudice, “any preconceived opinion or feeling, either favorable or unfavorable.” Of course there is more to the definition of prejudice, but my point is well made by the partial definition above. It’s an opinion, favorable or unfavorable. And there is no specificity of what we are gossiping about in that definition. Anything happens all the time, by and large, we are creatures of habits, and prejudice is part of who we are. I don’t like 20 below winter weather, I don’t like the jerk who served me @ the restaurant, on and on and on.  In my country I have the first amendment, the second amendment, inalienable rights.  I don’t have to like Chinese people, I don’t have to like Filipino people, etc.

In my humble view, the black movement, post Kings untimely death, has been nothing more than black soap salesmen, the likes of the decadent Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton lining their pockets with silver and gold.   Even Oprah, in my opinion panders to white people, while her silence on these issues are defining. And the uneducated black people, who are very emotional people, are their sheep. Again, let me emphasize I don’t include all black people, one of my favorite people Allen West, a national hero, J.C.Watts one of the kindest people in America.

King was a good man, and served a purpose as all great people do. But should we have a special national holiday for a minister, or community organizer, who only helped a minority group, by that I mean, did Martin Luther King help America as a whole?

Bobby Kennedy, JFK, both assassinated in that error, do we have a special days set aside for them?  JFK was President of the free world, a WWII Vet, Stopped Russia from blowing up America, his life was sacrificed for all America.  Abraham Lincoln, assassinated for initially freeing the blacks from all slavery.  Where is his special day?

When I was a kid, George Washington the Father of our great nation, inevitably installing America on the map, and Abraham Lincoln who saved the Union from perishing, both had separate national holidays for their birthday, and not for their great unbridled sacrifices. 

Then some bright dim wit politicians decided to couple their birthdays on the same day, and call it Presidents day, where there is no special significant recognition or celebration of their very significant heroism for this country. Clearly a double standard lies in our mitts. Walk me through this!

By and large, this silly nonsense of catering to the blacks, civil rights, special rights has done nothing but hinder a nation from moving forward. This special treatment helps no one, black or white. Clarence Thomas didn’t make it to the supreme court, nor did Amelia Earhart achieve Monmouth Aviation History by some special program, or prejudice, it was their character, it was who they were inside.  The very Civil Rights Act passed in 1964, and the rippling effects of it was prejudice.  Don’t know what I mean, do your homework.

There is plenty of prejudice to go around, this is not an exclusive noun for White people ONLY, we have to grow past this nonsense if we are ever going to survive as a free nation. Clearly, since O became President, out of the starting gate,  from the beer summit to the demonstrous 2 police officers murdered in NYC, illuminates the lack of intelligence from the POTUS and his followers.

“Free, Free at last.” Let’s make Milk proud. He wanted to change the judging someone by the color of their skin, and yet why do black people continue in putting themselves in that light. They demonstrate this every day. They remind everybody often they have black skin, I hear them call each other niggers frequently. Their great Grandparents would slap them upside the head if they heard them say that, furthermore I can hear them say, you have no right to say that word, followed by washing their mouths out with soap, and I would agree with them wholeheartedly.

What would have the Roman’s done? Or the Egyptian’s, Great Britain, or any great Empire for that matter?  We all know the answer!  Wake Up America. Stand Up and be heard. Time to lift the carpet, and sweep out the BS.


Martin Luther King, Jr. Day – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

‘Butler’ Director Launches Racial Attack Against ‘White Folks’

I am, as should most all white people, be outraged by the constant attack on us “CRACKERS.” We are the majority, and yet we live as a minority. Slavery has been over for more than 150 yrs. We have a black President. For all you black folk who feel white people are still the slave owners, well, bite me, grow up!

‘Butler’ Director Launches Racial Attack Against ‘White Folks’.

Nov 4 1964, Democrats Filibustered the Civil Rights Act; Democrats R Considered Voice for blacks

“Dixiecrat s (Democrats) have effectively destroyed  black Americans real history by replacing it with  a history that never existed.” politicalsleightofhand-

George Santayana (1863-1952) actually said: “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it”

Michelle Obama’s Radical Past Involvement in Third World Center at Princeton |

When I saw the O’s coming for the first time out of no where running for president, I saw the black version of Bill and Hillary Clinton.  In the early 90’s when we were gearing up for George H.W. Bushes, what we thought would be his re-election campaign, the Dumicrats were in the process of choosing who was going to run against Bush.

Bill Clinton was not even a blip on the radar for a good while.  His name was mentioned form time to time, but of no significance, if memory serves me correctly. 

Jerry Brown looked like the favorite.  Then the Jennifer Flowers scandal surfaced.  Surely he would not survive that.  Well after Hillary cleared the air on 60 minutes, in an unbelievable turn of events, the scandal actually helped Bill Clinton.  The rest is history.

My point here is Bill Clinton was a nobody, a former Governor of Arkansas.  Arkansas, where is Arkansas?  Bill Clinton simply worked for Tyson, while appearing to represent the state of Arkansas, but that’s for another story.  Like Obama, he was a nobody.  Like Obama, Bill Clinton didn’t know his biological father.  You get the point.

Well this link below leads to a discussion about Michelle Obama.  Like Hillary, she was the ambitious one.  Like Hillary, she was driven to be the first lady, like Hillary, she was a lawyer who never really practiced law, at least in the traditional since. 

My view on that is they both became lawyers for political reasons.  In my opinion, I believe like Bill and Hillary, the Obama’s were put together, either by her own hand, or the powers that be, for a surreptitious political agenda.

I’m a pretty good judge of character, and when I looked into MO’s eyes I saw a racist.  Her MO, no pun intended, is to BLACKEN America. This discussion below is an in depth look into her mind.  Take a look, and see if you conclude as I did MO is  a racist.

Please take the time to watch this discussion, it really sheds more light on who these people are.  It is paramount we know as much as possible about these people.  It may b already to late to stop BO from being re-elected, I hope I’m wrong.  Perhaps Isa, along with control of both houses we can impeach the bastard.  Your guess is as good as mine.  GOD SAVE THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!


Michelle Obama’s Radical Past Involvement in Third World Center at Princeton |

Proof Obama’s 4/27/11 “Long Form Certificate of Birth” is Forged! – YouTube

 “Trust but verify.” Ronald Reagan

Questions, questions and more questions about BO’s illusive past.  I’m not saying he wasn’t born here, I’m just saying I don’t know!  Do you?  Let’s say you are President, wouldn’t you want to put the American people’s mind at ease?  Does anyone remember who said this, put our minds at ease, ” I didn’t have sex with that women.?”

See Video click link:  For more info click link below.

Proof Obama’s 4/27/11 “Long Form Certificate of Birth” is Forged! – YouTube.

Here an interesting link to a photo taken of him and his mother in 1972.

All human situations have their inconveniences. We feel those of the present but neither see nor feel those of the future; and hence we often make troublesome changes without amendment, and frequently for the worse.
Benjamin Franklin

A link to a log of questions about Obama’s clandestine past.

Obama lawyer warned against certifying eligibility

How much proof does every one need to believe either Obama was not born here, 2. He doesn’t want the American people to know his real father’s name, Frank Marshall Davis, for political reason’s, 3. or for another reason we don’t understand right now.

This reminds of the JFK conspiracy, the reason why it grew legs, still very much alive today, is because of all the unanswered questions that couldn’t be logically explained to the American People.  Just like now, below you will find 5 links to Obama’s secret past.  Links that lead to more and more questions.  If you can logically explain everything away, beyond reasonable doubt, please drop me a line as to what that information is. 


Obama lawyer warned against certifying eligibility.

Obama’s Real Father Please Stand Up. (Frank Marshall Davis)


Arpaio calls Congress to move on Obama eligibility | Times 247

Obama’s College Classmate: ‘The Obama Scandal Is at Columbia’

Did Hawaii’s DoH use Virginia Sunahara’s Birth Certificate number to create Obama’s bogus birth certificates?

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