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REVISED…..This Day October 1, 2013 will live on in infamy!

Today marks the beginning of the end for America!  My gut tells me we are headed down a dark path as of today.  The American people have been duped yet again. 

For the past 100 yrs we have seen a clear concise decline of our liberties.  Just take a look at whats come to pass, the Sixteenth Amendment, the slow erosion of the tenth Amendment.  The creation of the Federal Reserve, a private entity btw.  How about the devalued dollar.  Look at some of the unjust wars our Govt has gotten us into, Vietnam, perhaps the Civil War.  How many hundreds of thousands of good men died in those wars, men that were no doubt a member of the middle class. Used and abused by the aristocrats then tossed aside or killed!

The civil rights act, 14th Amendment. The constitution amended for a very small minority group.  Btw the Democrats 57 day filler buster to stop that Amendment is never talked about, “The Champion of the blacks, PLEASE! The Civil War freed the blacks, the 14th Amendment just embolden the blacks nothing else.  It never served any good purpose for the majority of the American people.  All it did was scare Business owners to obey or be destroyed.  Which brings us to Obama Care, “The Affordable Health Care” bill.  You may as well call this the 14th Amendment, a bill to scare business America, and the American people to obey or be destroyed.  Obama Care is just another welfare program for the rif raff and the working stiffs, along with the business owners, get hosed.

Our freedom of religion, what has become of that?  I remember back in the 90s a liberal group in Alabama attacked their Supreme Court demanding that the 10 commandments monument be removed from their lobby. Supreme Court Justice Roy Moore was ordered to remove the monument, he refused, and was removed from the bench.

Ten Commandments Archival in the Alabama Supreme Court.

Update when I wrote this back on the 1st of October, it was before the Govt shutdown.  It was my belief then and it is my belief now that the House Repubicrats have failed miserably.  Now the #fireTheSpeakerOfTheHouse has been able to hold funding off for Obama Care my hats off to him for that.  However his sole mission when we put him in power was to get rid of Obama Care, back in 2010, it is now almost 2014.  These politicians did what they always do, wait until the last minute, then scare us with Govt shutdown, ending with reinstating the Govt and never fixing the reason for the shutdown in the first place.  A merry go round as usual.

Folks October 1st 2013 will live on in infamy.  Truly this day a nuclear warhead has landed right here in the heart of America!  The Civil War, Pearl Harbor, 911 combined pales in comparison.  This nuclear warhead, a Trojan horse, silently every day there after taking us down quietly slowly one day at a time. 

British lawmakers reject military action in Syria, in setback for Obama administration | Fox News

Once again Obama scene with egg on his face.  Once again Obama does not know what they are doing.  Obama makes these hasty emotional decisions based on God knows what!  He is not a war time President, he has no military back round, in fact he has no back round.  This man is the greatest imposter of our time;

Today I laugh out loud, LOL, to Obama, cheers!


British lawmakers reject military action in Syria, in setback for Obama administration | Fox News.

As U.S., allies weigh strike on Syria, nervous Israelis rush for gas masks – The Washington Post

It is my belief, and I do not think Im wrong here, we are witnessing the very begining of World War 3.  The middle east is on fire, along with
China just looking for a reason to begin a conflict with the United States.

And now Israel about to be exterminated with no support from the United States.  What say you?

s U.S., allies weigh strike on Syria, nervous Israelis rush for gas masks – The Washington Post.

At RNC event, speaker says African Americans have taken a back seat to gays, immigrants

Bob Woodsen, a black man is the special speaker @ the RNC Event.  He says it like it is, and more black leaders are going to have to speak the truth like him, and leave the political correctness @ home.  Yet I believe it’s to late for all that. 

There is a disease out there called the hate whites disease.  The 25yr old black girl who works behind me @ my place of work has this disease.  She has two children, by two different fathers, out of wedlock of course, works full-time, 40 plus hours @ my place of work, receiving a check of course for that work once a week, in addition receives a another check from you and I via the Federal Government, plus food stamps.  Oh, did I mention she’s lives home with mommy.

In the cancer world they call this stage 4, the last stage before death.  There are thousands 10s of thousands like her out there.  America is  @ that stage in my opinion.  WAKE UP AMERICA! We are @ defcon 3!!

At RNC event, speaker says African Americans have taken a back seat to gays, immigrants.

Five Soros hedge fund execs donate to N.J. Gov. Chris Christie – Washington Times

Is the Governor of NJ really a surreptitious politician waiting in the wings to carry the liberal torch passed on from King O?  The here is quite possibly a white carbon copy of King O, appearing to be the next savior, and then slowly over time revealing the serpent that they truly are!

Five Soros hedge fund execs donate to N.J. Gov. Chris Christie – Washington Times.

Obama Budget Proposes Cap on Retirement Savings

This moron is planning on capping retirement plans, so he can steel 9 billion dollars from us over the next 10 yrs.  Now how is 9 billion over 10 yrs going to help the almost 17 trillion we owe today.

BTW 9 billion dollars is not a lot of money.  All that appears to be happening here, is he is once again attacking the American people for all the bad spending habits our Omnipotent politicians have.

Folks, they are robbing us blind.  To make matters worse, the EPA rules are causing gas prices to hike up again, and King O has the nerve to go on vacation 5 times since December of last yr.

We need to restore the 10th amendment, and dismantle this fast out of control Federal Government….

Obama Budget Proposes Cap on Retirement Savings – US News and World Report.

Gun bill clears Senate hurdle as filibuster falls short | Fox News

Republicants once again have failed their supporters.  These idiots help clear the way for the Gun Bill to advance, in the Senate.  Whose side are these idiots on anyway?  I guarantee u that MCant and his but buddy Graham joined the Dumicrats.  I’m sorry for that last statement folks, yet I cannot think of another way to describe that relationship.

WE THE PEOPLE are on our own, there is no voice in Washington for the conservatives.  However, I’m sure that Rand Paul was one of the 31 that voted against.  I have my eye on him, he reminds me of the spirit that resided in Ronald Reagan. 

We must restore the 10th amendment, and dismantle the Federal Government, they are inept!!

Gun bill clears Senate hurdle as filibuster falls short | Fox News.

[Video] Fifteen Year Old Young Lady Leaves Maryland Anti Gun Politicians Speechless

This girl is a national hero.  She has clearly pointed out the obvious, criminals are called criminals for a reason, they do not follow the laws, PERIOD.  You could write one million laws and you will still not stop these killers.  Secondly, most of the murders in this country every year are not by assault weapons.  When you look @ these murder cases a little closer, you will find knives, baseball bats, poison, hand guns etc. 

Nothing on that fateful day in Sandy Hook, Connecticut, back in December 2012, could have prevented that lunatic from killing 22 people, nada.  Today on the Sean Hannity radio talk show, he interviewed a Constitutional law professor.  The idiotic professor suggested background checks on the mentally ill.  REALLY?  Did he need a degree for that?  That is absurd, if I understand correctly, Adam Lanza used his Step Father’s assault rifle.  Now tell me how a background check would prevent that shooting?  Exactly, it would have done no such thing.

Criminally insane, or not insane, that’s for another argument, will not subject themselves to background checks, and/or registration forms.  Do politicians think they are that stupid, PLEASE!

Adam is on a very long list of lunatics who are going to kill people one way or another.  To think for one moment that the founders would have wanted our gun rights taken away because people use them to kill other people is absurd. 

This is yet another ploy for the Government to further control us.  WE THE PEOPLE do not need a Constitutional Professor, or lawyer for that matter to interrupt the Founding Fathers Documents that we inherited.  These papers were never intended to be pretentious language to confuse us.  Warm blooded Americans were born with the innate understanding of what Framers envisioned for us.

We have a right to bear arms, PERIOD!  The Founders did not intend for the Government to dictate to us what we will or will not be doing.  Don’t believe me, just click that link below, and listen to a warm blooded 15 yr old American tell you what they meant.  BTW she’s not a Constitutional Professor or lawyer, to the best of my knowledge.


[Video] Fifteen Year Old Young Lady Leaves Maryland Anti Gun Politicians Speechless.

Dana Loesch schools Piers Morgan, Van Jones on gun control

Click the link way down below; and the first video you will see is Glen Beck on The Blaze commenting on the CNN squabble with Dana beating up Morgan and Jones.

 I suggest you watch the second video first, you will find it down below, just scroll down.

Folks like all other left wing arguments, they are all about   they do not want you to see the little man behind the curtain.  Liberals don’t give a crap about saving lives, if they did, they would promote life rather than abort it.

Liberals represent the steers and the queers, the minority.  It’s all about overpowering the majority.  For example the Gay issue in the Supreme Court right now.  This issue should have never scene the light of day in the Supreme Court, simply because it is a minority issue.

The majority has no interest in forcing the church to acknowledge Gay marriage.  But the fact that it did show up in the Supreme Court is a signal to me that the liberals are wining.

Again the powers that be do not care about Gay marriage, instead they are very interested in overpowering the majority.  And gun control is another tool in helping them to do just that.

We loose our second amendment rights, then we loose our 1st amendment rights, and then there goes the whole ball game.

Dana Loesch schools Piers Morgan, Van Jones on gun control – Glenn Beck.

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