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If you spend $1 Million per day, it would take you over ………

43835 YEARS to spend $16 TrillionChinese credit agency downgraded US credit standing reacting to debt sealing rise! jokers to the RT of me, US Govt is inept!

Folks we just toppled 17 trillion US DEBT in the past 48 hrs. The United States Government spends over 200 million dollars a day. The Govt just raised their own credit card limit again. We take in 2.7 trillion in revenue, and spend over 3.5 annually. We will not sustain those numbers.

Now check out the Governments books,
take a look around. Make sure you look down at the very bottom, believes that the Govt does not want you to see those numbers.Especially find out what the individual tax payers share of that debt is. It will boggle your mind.
Please check my blog from Oct 1 2013.  The United States has now gone where no man has gone before.  On Oct 1 2013 a nuclear warhead just landed in the diseased financial heart of America!  May God have mercy on us.


Dumicrat in the Virginia House of Delegates brandishing an AK47….

I am so sick and tired of Dumicrats.  These people are just a bunch of idiots in my opinion.  They serve no purpose at all.  Just click the link below and see one of them being just that, an idiot.

Political News — Conservative Blog & Right Wing Views | RedState.

Mark 3:25, “A house divided against itself cannot stand” RT

When ever our country faces great peril, & I believe we are in times of peril, I gravitate toward our great framers for wisdom. After all, who would no better than those great engineers who designed this country for a fix it, or some sort of clue? Right now I’m exploring the option of seceding the union, my mind leans toward succession, yet Patrick Henry might disagree. Tread lightly my fellow Americans.

If we (all United States) were to succeed the union, say as a master strategy in order of shutting the out of control Federal Government down, with out shedding blood, followed by an agreement by the states to re-unite down the road, the founders may have agreed with that.  Having said that, I know the founders would most definitely support Re-instituting the 10th Amendment.  Please take the time to read this great document.  This Amendment could be more important than any other document, to include the “Declaration Of Independence.” I could be wrong, but it seems to me the “Declaration Of Independence could not maintain our Independence with out the 10th Amendment.


In his last public speech, Patrick Henry warned us about seccession. In a weak state he folded his fingers & stated ” “Let us trust God, and our better judgment to set us right hereafter. United we stand, divided we fall. Let us not split into factions which must destroy that union upon which our existence hangs.” He then collapsed & was taken to a nearby tavern. He was dead two months later.

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