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Benghazi: What Did Obama Know And When Did He Know It? | Fred Thompson’s America – Official HQ of Fred Thompson

Folks we need to repeat this blog over & over again before the election, between repeating this blog & his dismal record blog https://politicalsleightofhand.com/2012/09/12/obamas-record-on-the-economy-facts-dont-lie-fire-andrea-mitchell/

We The People can do this right here in our social media, we control this forum.  Let’s use it for our political agenda.

Call your Congressmen http://www.contactingthecongress.org/ & demand an investigation into Benghazi now not after the election.

Benghazi: What Did Obama Know And When Did He Know It?

via Benghazi: What Did Obama Know And When Did He Know It? | Fred Thompson’s America – Official HQ of Fred Thompson.

Ex-FEMA director Michael Brown criticizes Obama for reacting too quickly to storm | The Lookout – Yahoo! News

When King O responded so quickly to SANDY,  I felt he was being phony as usual, he was only pandering to the white people so as to ingraciate his way back into office.  In other words throw us a bone.

Ex-FEMA director Michael Brown criticizes Obama for reacting too quickly to storm | The Lookout – Yahoo! News.

Cluster F…-Clinton downplays emails implicating Al Qaeda-tied group within hours of Libya strike

Not only does this incident make Nixon look like a schoolboy caught with his hand in a cookie jar, this shows the true Hillary Clinton.  Over the past few years when people would say on my side of the fence, that somehow Hillary would have done a better job, I wanted to strangle some one.

Hillary Clinton is a Marxist Rebel.  She is a cold, cunning, termagant, very dangerous anti American operative.  Hillary would have been better off joining the KGB. 

What is going on here, is what we Military Veterans would call “a cluster F….!”  If you don’t know what that term means, call an ole Vet and ask him what it means.  As I predicted, this OLibyaGate would not go away.  This clearly is King O’s Watergate.  King O is not the Teflon O, Nixon is no longer on the hot seat, he can RIP.

This Fall election was going to bring us a “Trick Or Treat”  My guess, we are getting the treat.

Clinton downplays emails implicating Al Qaeda-tied group within hours of Libya strike | Fox News.


Krauthammer: Romney Won Unequivocally; Obama’s Responses Were Petty | RealClearPolitics

I saw Krauthammer last night, he was right on the money.  Hindsight being 20/20 I believe Romney had a KO in the first debate, followed by 2 TKO’s.  However it was King O who needed @ least 2 KO’s and he failed miserably.  And of course King O failed, he has always been an empty suit. Obama in his arrogant narcissistic fashion, destroyed everything that might have been good about his administration.  Just like Jimma Carter, it’s all about them.  Obama is his own worst enemy.  He was at any point of the debate, for any of the debates, was he comfortable in his skin.  He reminded me of an alley cat backed into a corner.  He hissed, clawed, lashed out with seething anger towards his opponent.  And all Romney did was state the facts, which later on he was correct on all facts.


Krauthammer: Romney Won Unequivocally; Obama’s Responses Were Petty | RealClearPolitics.

Carter’s “Crisis of Confidence” Now Obama’s Malaise!

Jimmy Carter’s Malaise speech is down below.

The definition of Malaise according to Wikipedia;

Malaise (/məˈlz/ mal-AZE) is a feeling of general discomfort or uneasiness, of being “out of sorts”, often the first indication of an infection or other disease. Malaise is often defined in medical literature as a “general feeling of being unwell”. The word has existed in the French language since at least the 12th century.


The term is also often used figuratively in other contexts; for example, “economic malaise” refers to an economy that is stagnant or in recession (compare depression). The term is particularly associated with the 1973–75 recession.[1] A speech made by President Jimmy Carter in 1979 is commonly referred to as the “malaise” speech, even though Carter did not actually use the term in this speech.

 I quote “Jimmy Carter had grown increasingly convinced that Americans had to face up to the energy crisis, but they only could do this if they faced up to the crisis in their own values,” says Kevin Mattson, author of “What the Heck Are You Up To, Mr. President?”, which examines the underlying themes of Carter’s speech. “He tried to push the energy crisis on to a kind of moral and civic plane, and the speech was used to unify around a sense of civic sacrifice.” end quote.  Kevin Mattson

I’m writing a book about the collapse of the middle class.  To be honest, I’m not a subscriber to the notion Obama losing in the fall is the, END ALL.  Yes I said Obama losing in the fall.  My calculations come from prior history such as Ronald Reagan’s chronological order of his journey to the Presidency to determine what will happen next.  In fact, I predicted, after Romney’s first interview back in 2007, or 2006, when he threw his hat in the ring first time,  that he might b the second coming of Ronald Reagan.

The subsequent events that took place post that interview would lead me to believe this.  I might be a little physic but it was history that told me so.  I remember saying to my wife right after King O’s winning the election that he had to win, in fact I told her that before the election of 2008.  If McShame had won, it would have continued the Dumicrat machines heckling of George Bush, Republicans.  McShame would have continued to spend us out of control, so on, and so on, and so on.  To me as I had said to my wife, King O winning was a blessing.  He would lead us into the promise land, really.  And he did that superbly, now here comes the second coming of Reagan. 

If you don’t believe me, just read your history, look at the similarities of both Reagan and Romney, in terms of events they were in involved with, THE PEOPLE, they were both Governor’s of blue states.  They both lost to two Republican losers. Ford and McShame.  Romney made his first attempt in the 80’s and his campaign didn’t go anywhere.  Reagan had the same results in 1968, while he was Governor of California.  Then both candidates came back a third time and won.  And both sitting Presidents, Carter & Obama, were complete failures sitting in a quagmire, their malaise.

As I said earlier I believe in history, Not craps in Las Vagas; https://politicalsleightofhand.com/2012/10/18/romney-wins-in-a-landslide-las-vegas-oddsmaker-doubles-down-on-prediction/ And that is for another blog, but the point is, Obama in my opinion is a symptom of a much greater problem in our great nation.  Does anyone remember HillaryCare?  Care to guess when HillaryCare ended?  That’s right it never ended, in fact it never began, @ least as the law was concerned.  But I will follow up on this in a future blog. 

Yet her plan never surfaced, legally, but the wreckage she left behind her was good enough.  HMO’S are in full swing and the American people are paying even more for health care.  When the ObamaCare law kicks in 2014, we will pay even more for healthcare.  In the after math of this event, people who couldn’t even afford health care  premiums will either starve to death or declare bankruptcy in record numbers.  This will finish the middle class off.  The end of  100 yr plan to send us back into proletariat land.

There was nothing wrong with health care, & the same group of people who could not afford health care premiums back in the 90’s are still with out health care today, because they cannot afford it.  Access/Cost has been the problem to health care all along. Ronald Reagan said it best, Government is the problem.  Obama is just a pawn, sent to Washington to destroy the middle class.  He failed to finish off completely, but he left carnage everywhere on his trail, his latest the deceased Ambassador for Libya. Don’t forget “The Fort Hood Shooting” (he wasn’t able to identify the terrorist there) 

There is a plethera of failures for this American President in terms of what he should have done for the American people. Once again, as did Clinton (amongst his scandals, he left us Bin Laden) Obama (amongst his scandals, 16 trillion in the hole) nuclear damage everywhere for a Republican President to clean up. 

Now Obama’s malaise blame it on everyone else, scold the American people, nothing good to say, telling us nothing new, reminding us that he is President and there ain’t a damn thing you Christians can do about it.  Always blowing his mouth off, “here’s what I’m going to do, (you know how he says Do”  Mr President I’m tired of the DODO, lol. 

I remember Carter’s speech as if it were yesterday.  Like Obama, he scolded the American people, he was telling us he doesn’t know what to do,  leaving us with ultimate melancholy .  But it was his tone, I think that’s why it was renamed the Malaise speech.  Thus the reason for this blog today. 

Ronald Reagan brought something to the American people that had been missing since Richard Nixon stepped down.  After much ponder I awoke to what it was that he gave us.  He gave us hope all wrapped up in gift paper, and We The People believed in his HOPE.  The country by then had gone into a deep dark slump much like the one we are in now.  America was exhausted.  Inflation had taken it’s toll sliding us into this malaise.  And all Carter did in that speech was push us further down the slope of no return.  That speech was all about Carter.  Carter like Obama promised to restore America.  Of course, I believed neither one of them.  And of course they did not.

Honestly I don’t know what Carter’s problem was.  Obama is part of a large movement to destroy America’s infrastructure, but Jimma, well probably a budding pacifist, and looking to change the way American President’s do business. He loathed the military, as did Clinton, but Carter really despised the military, maybe he had a bad experience in the Navy. He chopped our military down to a United Nations military.  In the end he would not use force to pound Iran for the “Hostages Crisis.”  I was deployed at the time on a secret mission to get the hostages out, it was cancelled after we were underway. Perhaps he wanted to Make America a Martyr state, I don’t know.

By the time Ronald Reagan came around we were desperate, but not ready to elect another clown.  Our arms were closed, we didn’t trust Washington any longer, much like today.  But I will tell you what, when that jolly face, radiating with hope, love, care, looked into our faces, he didn’t have to talk at all.  Ronald Reagan spoke to us through his God like eyes, and said don’t worry my friends, America is great and she will rise again.  The country passively became enthusiastic again.  Our spirits were lifted to a brand new level.  Ronald Reagan slowly began to build our confidence again, the crisis had subsided.

You see Ronald Reagan knew that the only solution to our economic problems, and our lack of ingenuity was The American people.  And he was right.  Every time Government tries to fix the problem it gets’ worse.  Just look at the recent changes in the King O credit card changes, or the banking industry, or how about ObamaCare!  The Government tried to save Vietnam, how did that turn out?  Those were just a few examples.

In closing I saw God peering through Romney’s eyes early on I think after the New Hampshire primaries, in his victory speech.  God has chosen Romney to carry the torch for Ronald Reagan.  I know that Mr Reagan is smiling down on us with great Hope that the American people will rise up and make America great again.  Amen!

President Jimmy Carter – “Crisis of Confidence” Speech – YouTube.

Was later changed to the Malaise speech.

UPDATE: Debbie Wasserman Schultz caught in another lie?

What is going on here?  I noticed recently about a month ago, the left wing media beginning to jump ship.  Why?  My theory is they see the King O cruise liner beginning to sink.  The left wing media has had the smooth comfortable ride of their lives with the O Cruise Liner.  But all good things come to end.  Liberals never fight to the end, they bail and just jump onto a better ship.  Not to mention I think they see a much better meal ticket in Romney.  Romney is fresh meet to these wolves.

Does anyone in Washington with a D next their names tell the truth, would you please stand up!

Another name for the Dumicrat party is “The Borg”  Name one leader in that party that tells the truth over there….Yet their supporters condone their behavior.  Until their registered voters make a change as did the Republican voters, (Tea Party) They will continue to lie cheat and steel.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz caught in a lie? | Fox News Video.

Here is Anderson Cooper chewing Wassermann a new one on lying about Paul Ryan care…


You probably saw Wolf Blitzer mentioned on the link above, well here is that interview.


Here is an online petition Wassermann is spewing lies about the Republicans on health care…


UPDATE; Obama wins the second debate. Too bad it’s not the one that mattered.

Jeff Greenfield is right about one thing, Obama should have won the first debate.  And he would have been right about his second comment but for one thing; Candi was sent in to make sure Obama won last night.  Don’t get me wrong here, I don’t believe Obama won, by any stretch of the imagination.  Jeff Greenfield s article is the link at the bottom of the page.

Let me say first, Obama needed a huge victory, and Romney only needs to win 5%-10% of the Independent/undecided group. Romney already has a solid 50%. Obama did not have that huge victory last night, therefore losing that 5%-10%.

Post 2nd Presidential Debate…

Gallup poll shows Romney up 6; too large a gap for Obama comeback?

Gallup poll shows Romney up 6; too large a gap for Obama comeback? | Deseret News.

My rule of thumb is when ever the leader in the polls falls behind his challenger, he has never recovered, I’ve never scene it. Therefore I predict Romney the winner this fall election.

Obama pulled a page right out of the Clinton play book, hide behind the skirt.  Did you see how King O had a tantrum, well a few times, but the won time where he cried, “Candi.” as if his big brother just hit him.

My view is very opposite.   King Obama for sure, if he was going to win re-election, had to come out & be Presidential (which he was not), in command, assertive (only with Candi cane’s help) & aggressive.

Now let me be succinct here, & to the point.  Obama was aggressive, yet not by chose.  If you were to watch the beginning of the debate again, you’ll notice that Romney put King O on the ropes several times in the first rounds of the debate.  Now, because there was no KO, in a boxing match, Romney would have won the debate, having won more rounds than Barry.

I would say that Romney pulled a page right out of Muhammad Ali‘s book, Ole Joe would have agreed.  I’m not talking about the “rope a dope” I wish I was, but Ali became very good @ antagonizing his opponent, like Ali consistently did with Ole Joe Frazier. 

And I could see Obama fall for it time and time again.  The only reason Obama didn’t completely explode in anger on the question about the oil leases, now I don’t know if there is any validity to Romney’s claim or not, that’s not my area of expertise, because King O was saved by, yes again Candi O.  She interrupted Romney, again,  rescued King O, then let him put his version out there.  Ironically, Romney may have been wrong, but King O could not answer the question.  Obama, “hey Candi shut him up!” LOL

Then there was Michelle, http://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2012/10/17/michelle_obama_broke_agreed_upon_rules_clapped_at_debate.html

She made sure Obama would score points.  I noticed it right away, I said to my wife, “that’s against the rules, ” well we know rules are made to b broken when it involves the Dumicrats.  To sum things up here, I guess if you had to score the debate, one would honestly have to call a draw.  Giving Romney the edge because of his first victory, and as Greenfield so eloquently stated, a little to late for the Big O. Not to mention having one fighter, Barrack Obama, and his not so lovely assistant Candi.  Clearly, had she not been the moderator last night, Obama would have lost.  Romney had the technical KO because he won more rounds than did King O.

There is certainly more to talk about how Obama survived the night, I just wanted to cover the two, in my humble opinion were the https://politicalsleightofhand.com/ moments of the evening.


Obama wins the second debate. Too bad it’s not the one that mattered. – Yahoo! News.

Obama camp tips hand on debate, hints president will attack Romney on Bain | Fox News

Romney needs to hit back with the Libya coverup.  The whole Libya scandal from his participation in the over throw of Gaddafi, to this mess of 4 murders of American Citizens.  Bain is old news.  And Bain has nothing to do with our current economic situation. 

Besides, Bain business is to complicated for our simpleton King O.  He shouldn’t mess around with areas where he has no clue.  Notwithstanding, I think it is a brilliant idea for Obama to show how stupid he really is by attacking Romney with Bain, what a jackass.

Obama camp tips hand on debate, hints president will attack Romney on Bain | Fox News.

20 Million of Your Tax Dollars Goes To Bidens Best Friend To Start Business in Ukraine « PBN – News, Opinion, Truth & YOU!

I had posted this link a few weeks ago, and noticed it’s disappearance from my blog, “very interesting.”  Btw I give Romney a sleight edge over King O.  1-0 Romney.

20 Million of Your Tax Dollars Goes To Bidens Best Friend To Start Business in Ukraine « PBN – News, Opinion, Truth & YOU!.

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