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Government Is The Problem.

Trading Independence for Govt Security is a dangerous business. Watch “Hell on Wheels” Netflix  and “Turn” Netflix. Trusting U.S. Govt is a failed enterprise. http://bit.ly/1HOzYD6
Btw, that is exactly what this Govt wants us to do, remember this line? “Trust Me”, as long as we trade in our independence. The choice is yours’

Do we want the Ronald Reagan’s?                    700_ronald_reagan

Or this guy?



What? Rick Perry

AUSTIN – Today Governor Perry released the following statement in response to Donald Trump’s reprehensible comments on Senator John McCain.

“Donald Trump should apologize immediately for attacking Senator McCain and all veterans who have protected and served our country. As a veteran and an American, I respect Sen. McCain because he volunteered to serve his country. I cannot say the same of Mr. Trump. His comments have reached a new low in American politics. His attack on veterans make him unfit to be Commander-in-Chief of the U.S. Armed Forces, and he should immediately withdraw from the race for President.

Apologize for what? For telling the truth? I’m a U.S. Army Veteran, and I’m hear to tell you Trump was not out of line here.  I remember Trump from his early years when he was 26 yrs old, and he is a smart, kind and decent man, I’ll bet he’s raised more money for charities than all Presidential Candates in the past 15 yrs, an exception might be Mit Romeny. 

Since 2000, when he ran for the Presidency the first time, I have repeatedly said “McCan’t is all talk and no action!” What has he done since 2000, or 2008 for his country? Talk, Talk, Talk, McCan’t is er-relative. Remember this,

“John McCain announced that he would suspend his campaign and asked that Friday’s debate be postponed. Why? Because of the “historic crisis in our financial system,” said McCain, who intends to return to Washington tomorrow to participate in Wall Street bailout negotiations on the Hill.”

Link to McCain’t dropping out article below.

Answer this question for yourself, what did the coward, McCain’t do to the fix the economy? hint; nothing.

Previously, over many years, I’ve always “had” the utmost respect for John McCain, I heard of him while I was serving my country, back in the day, he wasn’t a politician then, he was a soldier. But his despicable distasteful run against George W was enough for me to spit John McCan’t out. And his Post Shenanigans with the GOP over the past 15 years is disgusting.

Instead of addressing the issues, and telling us what Perry will do if elected POTUS, Rick Perry again shows, like ole Jeb, & McCan’t, how profoundly out of touch with the American people, he is, #smoke&mirrors.

Rick did a great job for the state of Texas now it’s time for him to blow away. Btw, Perry’s childish outbursts of fiery in his bid for GOP nomination, was quite frankly unacceptable to me. Rick Perry’s behavior then and now, is part of the Mammoth disease that has been destroying our GOP for many years.



Was there a cover-up in bin Laden killing?

I never bought the O story of what happened that day, 5-2-2011. Ironically, I was actually at Little Creek Amphibious Base that night when I heard the announcement in the lobby of one of their buildings.

My gut tells me OB is either hidden away in one of our interrogation centers abroad, or he’s dead. Like so many other Govt surreptitious operations, such as “Project Blue Book” my belief is we will never know the full truth.

By and large it would be just like O, POTUS, to ostensibly rob the American people of proving that the Schmendrick OB is dead, by dumping his body at sea in the middle of the night. Showing respect for the Muslim people, REALLY! However there is always something not right in Obama’s face when he’s telling one of his stories.His eyes tell me he’s hiding something.

obama-lying 130501075930-01-osama-death-story-bodyAnyway CNN is reporting that ole Seymour Hersh claims or suggesting the truth wasn’t told about that night. No surprise there, is there?

Check out the CNN report =======> http://www.cnn.com/2015/05/11/opinions/bergen-bin-laden-story-a-lie/


On Benghazi, Administration Has Been ‘Inconsistent, Conflicting, and Inaccurate’ |

ALL THE PRESIDENTS MEN!  AND SKIRTS !! Here we go folks, King O’s Sands Of Time is finally running out!  By and large, I never believed the American people would be free of this man, so called,The President of The United States, nor see justice for his crimes.

Very early on in the election 2012, I predicted Romney would not be the next President.  And although I did not believe justice would prevail for Benghazi, I did record, if Obama is not re-elected we are guaranteed no justice.  He had to be re-elected for us to seek retribution. I didn’t say we would get retribution, simply we had a shot, there was hope.

CNN: On Benghazi, Administration Has Been ‘Inconsistent, Conflicting, and Inaccurate’ | The Weekly Standard.

Glenn Beck Slams Media Outlets Sitting on Damning Benghazi Emails | Video | TheBlaze.com

(the Glenn Beck video link is down below)

Btw the dumicrat code word out there about Benghazi, “We need to get this right.”  That means they have a bluffing strategy, ever play poker?  In other words, there will be no transparency here, and when we think of it, we will spoon feed you our lull able of what happened after the election, mayb.

Folks, unless we have Senate hearings on this matter, right now, and begin an impeachment process in the house right now, we will never know what happened, and Obama/Clinton will walk free. 

Remember Hillary has experience in this area.  She was not only Mrs Impeached Clinton, but she was on the panel to force Nixon into an early retirement.  Now, Nixon resigned, no matter what you say about Tricky Dick, he did the right thing.  Nixon didn’t want to drag the American people through an impeachment process.  Hillary does not live in that world, she would rather go down in flames, and bring BO with her.

In my opinion, Glenn Beck has finally ht the mother load on OlybaGate,  Whether WE THE PEOPLE choose to do something about it, remains to b seen.  Right now I’m thinking about a world  with King O re-elected.  I’ve reached the age where I don’t believe in fantasies any longer.

I was fortunate enough to have witnessed one of the greatest Presidents in our American history, the 40th President of the United States, Ronald Reagan.  Post Ronald Reagan leaving office, I went from believing that we would never see another President like him to looking for one every election year there after.

Albeit I believe, as I have for many years, that Romney is the second coming of Reagan, this weekend I’m not sure it’s in the cards for Romney to b President.  By no fault of his own, Romney is the Rocky in this fight, and my guess if he wins this one,  he will in the last hour by a few rounds.

However, this election is about the American People.  Are WE THE PEOPLE united?  Are WE THE PEOPLE ready to live in peace and prosperity?  My belief is no to both.  On that thought I leave you to ponder.

After I saw this video, well see what you think.  I don’t have any fiaith in the left wing media doing the right thing.   I base that on my years and years of observing the left wing media rarely doing the right thing.  In fact, the few times where they did the right thing, like firing Dan “I’d rather not” over the Bush scandal, was because CBS was backed into the corner. 

Watch this video, then call your congressmen, and I dare you to call the WH.  God Bless You!  Hang in, keep fighting.

Glenn Beck Slams Media Outlets Sitting on Damning Benghazi Emails | Video | TheBlaze.com.

1980 Presidential Candidate Debate: Governor Ronald Reagan and President Jimmy Carter – 10/28/80 – YouTube

Remember Ronald Reagan was an unknown Gov. from California, no one had a clue how great he would eventually become.  I’m a firm believer in history repeating itself.  My money is on Romney tonight, I think he is going to surprise us all including King O.  God sent us Romney, lets trust in God.  Romney will grow to b a great President.  I knew this in his very first interview @ Fox news, many years ago.  Pray for Romney, and ask God to guide him tonight. 

Finally, President Romney is older, wiser, and ten times the intelligence of the King O.  We don’t truly know a thing about this man, there is no record that Obama has any formal education.  I don’t know where u come from, but where I come from; if there is no record then any ostensible assumption is null and void.

1980 Presidential Candidate Debate: Governor Ronald Reagan and President Jimmy Carter – 10/28/80 – YouTube.

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