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WW3-U.S. Destroyer deployed to the S China Sea

US-Navy-Destroyer-Ships-000914-N-0000X-002Here we go folks, Nostradamus predicted a Muslim would start WW3, who knew the Muslim would reside  in the #WH  > #OvalOffice CNN predicts no confrontation, they are so gullible. #DUCK


Donald Trump slashes taxes for poor — and wealthy…..

CQAqSNuUAAAlrhw 12038095_970188893024417_6061773053253115061_nReagaNomics 101. Cut taxRATES thereby the Vanguard for creating economic growth, it worked for Trump & Millions of Americans  then, 1980s, it will work for all of us now.  Would Ronald Reagan approve of the TRUMPSTER? 

The reality is the Federal Govt steals money we’ve earned, that we will never see again, from our paychecks, unconstitutionally.

The 16th Amendment established July 1909, was ruled by the SCOTUS at the time, as unconstitutional.  And if you know your history, and you know or have tried to understand any of the Constitution, you will know that I’m correct.

Btw, this is an example of how much power the SCOTUS really has, NADA!  Only Congress has the authority to pass laws, or to ratify the constitution.  Because the founders left us the keys to the car, we are responsible for Congress.  The founders never intended a tax levy system on our income.

Remember folks just because you hear Amendment doesn’t mean the founders had their blessings on it.  The Framers believed in consumption tax if any, the Constitution would be meaningless if they believed in the progressive income tax system in place today. Think about that, it’s just common sense.

Ask yourself this question; would any of the Constitution 39 signers agree to such a scheme?  The whole premise of the Constitution, and all the documents quite frankly was to empower the people with self Government and to abolish omnipresent Government subjugating it’s people, like the Govt we have now.  Did the majority OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE agree to the progressive tax system we have now, taking money out of our paychecks? That would be a resounding, NO!

There is a reason why the Framers did not Amend the constitution, by adding an Amendment such as the the 16thA.  If they thought the Progressive tax system in place today would have been helpful to the American people, they would have included it then. The 16thA didn’t happen until over 100 years later.  What changed since say 1790, when the 12th Amendment was enacted, and 1909?  Do your homework, and find out.  Please, don’t take my word for it, the only way you will ever know your truth, your history, is if you research yourself, that’s 50% of it, the rest comes from life experience.

One interesting note here however, the Framers left the executive branch in charge of the Federal agencies, all agencies, the ones present then, i.e. the Treasury, and now such as the Treasury that so happens to be the parent of the I.R.S.  Now the POTUS has no jurisdiction over shutting the I.R.S. down, only Congress has that authority, however the POTUS has full authority of the operations of the Internal Revenue Service, which means he’s the boss.  I will leave you now to ponder that insight-fullness

Donald Trump once again leads the country into what we are going to talk about, this time money and taxes, the main artery of our Capitalism driven society.  Listen to the video, below by clicking the link after the 2 talking heads are done talking about whatever, their opinion, continue to watch the video and Trump talks about his proposal.  Folks is there anymore we need to hear from this man before we nominate him for President?


Donald Trump is vowing to drastically cut income taxes for millions of Americans across the wealth spectrum while casting aside loopholes popular on Wall Street.

Source: Donald Trump slashes taxes for poor — and wealthy – CNNPolitics.com

Neil Cavuto interviews California Beach Bum

There is a black female co worker that receives food stamps. She lives in a section 8 here in Virginia. She works as few hours as she can about 40 or so, in order to receive her welfare money. I am outraged by this. This is a result of ObamaWelfare. We The People need to rise up!! Wake up America!


“The natural progress of things is for liberty to yeild, and government to gain ground.” – Thomas Jefferson to Edward Carrington, Paris, May 27, 1788


On Benghazi, Administration Has Been ‘Inconsistent, Conflicting, and Inaccurate’ |

ALL THE PRESIDENTS MEN!  AND SKIRTS !! Here we go folks, King O’s Sands Of Time is finally running out!  By and large, I never believed the American people would be free of this man, so called,The President of The United States, nor see justice for his crimes.

Very early on in the election 2012, I predicted Romney would not be the next President.  And although I did not believe justice would prevail for Benghazi, I did record, if Obama is not re-elected we are guaranteed no justice.  He had to be re-elected for us to seek retribution. I didn’t say we would get retribution, simply we had a shot, there was hope.

CNN: On Benghazi, Administration Has Been ‘Inconsistent, Conflicting, and Inaccurate’ | The Weekly Standard.

» CNN Anchor Slammed Over Twisting of Obama Statement on Libya »

Candi Cain did a good job keeping the OLybaGate @ bay as well.  Notice how quickly that issue went away.  In a fair debate for the American people, OlybaGate should have been the focus of this town hall debate. After all this was a town hall meeting.  CNN article link down below…

Another subject for another time, but these town hall debates are rigged.  Who remembers what the voters had asked.  We just remember King O’s arrogance, and Candi Cain in desperate need of Weight Watchers, to be nice.

NOTE: See my Jeff Greenfield response to his thoughts on the second debate.


You know back in the day, politics were very different.  Candi Cain would have been fired for her belligerent biased performance.  The left wing press is flooded with these people.  These communists are not journalists, their just soldiers carrying out their marching orders to destroy American ideals.

» CNN Anchor Slammed Over Twisting of Obama Statement on Libya » The Loft — GOPUSA.

CNN’s Candy Crowley-moderator for 10/16/2012 debate- Claims Some GOPers Think Ryan Pick ‘Some Sort of Ticket Death Wish

Click the link right down below; a sample of the moderator for the next King O / Romney debate, and she is not moderate by any stretch of the imagination.  I predict this to b a very interesting debate.

Crowley will b the typical mouth piece  offensive tackle, sometimes block  for the left, they R so predictable.  King O will try & pretend to b Joe Bite me.  However, I may b out on the limb here, but Romney will probably mop the floor with King O again.  We shall see.

CNN’s Candy Crowley Claims Some GOPers Think Ryan Pick ‘Some Sort of Ticket Death Wish’ | NewsBusters.org.


A SNAPSHOT OF Candy Crowley; CNN’s award-winning chief political correspondent and anchor of State of the Union with Candy Crowley, a political hour of newsmaker interviews and analysis of the week’s most important issues. Crowley took the reins of State of the Union in February 2010.

In her role as chief political correspondent, Crowley covers a broad range of stories, including presidential, congressional and gubernatorial races and major legislative developments on Capitol Hill.

Crowley was selected by the Commission on Presidential Debates to moderate a 2012 general election debate between President Obama and Gov. Romney. The town hall debate, scheduled for Oct. 16, 2012 in Hempstead, NY, will be the first debate moderated by a woman in two decades.

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