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» CNN Anchor Slammed Over Twisting of Obama Statement on Libya »

Candi Cain did a good job keeping the OLybaGate @ bay as well.  Notice how quickly that issue went away.  In a fair debate for the American people, OlybaGate should have been the focus of this town hall debate. After all this was a town hall meeting.  CNN article link down below…

Another subject for another time, but these town hall debates are rigged.  Who remembers what the voters had asked.  We just remember King O’s arrogance, and Candi Cain in desperate need of Weight Watchers, to be nice.

NOTE: See my Jeff Greenfield response to his thoughts on the second debate.


You know back in the day, politics were very different.  Candi Cain would have been fired for her belligerent biased performance.  The left wing press is flooded with these people.  These communists are not journalists, their just soldiers carrying out their marching orders to destroy American ideals.

» CNN Anchor Slammed Over Twisting of Obama Statement on Libya » The Loft — GOPUSA.

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