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White people need to lose the #WhiteGuilt

81bd3a516b58b514a3136edbd516e59b59b94bea715f1884c6c048e4ec9f8190_1 3025a802f9c17ba149b5b5d4713dbbbb white-guiltWhite people need to lose the #whiteGuilt syndrome, black people today never had it better in this country, today we have the poor, middle class, upper middle class, and the rich, PERIOD. Politicians especially Democrats have done a fine job dissecting us into many different categories so they can get elected every 2 yrs. We are the American people, as Donald Trump addresses us, there should be no divide, we had our Civil War, and to be where we are today, you would think we never had one.

The founders guaranteed us a shot, that’s it, the rest is up to us. Today, there are more black multi millionaires, including our so called President, ever in our history. You don’t see white people, more specifically poor & middle class white people, pillaging, rioting the street’s,and beating people bc some how justifying it bc other groups of people are some how privileged.

I see white people for the most part parting ways for black people since the Civil war days, About time we stand up and say #WhiteLives matter, and give them the accolades for being great humanitarians, especially the white Christians.

Lastly, some of my personal hero’s; great American stories b.t.w. are Willie Mays, Judge Thomas, Allen West just to name a few. Allen West is a great American hero in my eyes, he doesn’t’ see color, he see’s what most white people see, a free America where any man or woman, no matter what color can achieve their goals, while having the right to speak their mind, and protect themselves without the fear of the Govt throwing them in jail.

No group of people should have anymore rights than any other group, we are all Americans and we all share equal rights, the founders didn’t write in equal class standing , they gave us tools to go out on our own and achieve our desires what ever they may be.

Jeb Bush flip Flop

Look, we like to say we are a people of immigrants, and that’s nice and that’s a fact of life. And I know of at least one ancestor in my family bloodline that came over on the Mayflower, an original settler. Note those people were Governed by England’s rule of law at the time.

Having said that, people who try and ingratiate the minorities in this country, by saying that, is naive. We are living in 2015, not 1895. The time is now, not then. The past is the past. Btw we had immigration laws in place in 1895, and they worked just fine. That’s how we all came to be here.

There are 2 movies out there today RED DAWN -1984 AND A REMAKE 2012, (the 2012 version is on Netflix) that every American should watch. Now this movie is about military invasions on American soil, from a foreign entity. What I see going on today in America – 2015, is an invasion of a different kind, an auspicious slow, subtle, almost surreptitious program to devalue American eroding our border’s, language and culture, the American way of life our Founders, God bless their souls, set fourth for us. Our Constitution does not stem from emotion, it stems from logical thought.

Ok enough said, do your homework, open your eyes, especially you Jeb Bush, and I assume your wife came here legally. BTW I don’t think Trump was out of line pointing out you Jeb that you have a dog in the fight, in terms of your wife being Latino. Does anyone believe otherwise?

A partial definition of a politician, is to curry favor. REALLY. Which is what he’s trying to do now with his multiculturalism angle. This game is played on both sides of the fence for at least the past 20 yrs. Now attempt to pander to the right, that you’ve seen the light and tell us what we want to hear. Meanwhile you don’t believe what ur saying right now, and if you should get into office, you’ll just kick start the amnesty plan again. Has anyone heard TRUMP change his position on illegal immigration?

America is not a refugee camp, if I’m wrong, show me where that’s the case in the Constitution. We are a Republic, a system of Govt alleged to be lead by the American people. And quite frankly what we have here, is a system of Govt that is out of control, and as usual, and I’m old enough to say this, squashing our freedoms, leading us right down the hole to be just like most 3rd world country’s, dependent on Big Govt.

This is a Govt issue now, that has gotten out of control, and the sheeple in this country are not in control, confused about there priorities. The American people depend on Govt to solve the problems, and rationalize this issue because they feel powerless! We are the fly in the jar, and the lid is off. WAKE UP AMERICA!


See the article below >>>>


Hillary “The Ugly Betty” 4 Prez, remember this? >>

CBS Exposes Hillary Clinton Bosnia Trip.

click here to see her faulty memory
ooops> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A46VRmcLtfU

cool > http://klou.tt/o7672dqqsb51
? > http://bit.ly/1KdwhfZ

Inquiry Sought in Hillary Clinton’s Use of Email

What’s this, a probe by the Justice Department, hmmmmmm? Could O’Holy 1 be throwing OLD Hillary under the bus? Did John Kerry advise the Prez?  Could this be, “ClintonGate 2, coupled with ObamaGate”? Was there a Cover Up, or are we still in a Cover Up? Stay tuned to your BAT Channel, there is sure, much much, more entertainment to come our way.

Watch ABC reporter, protect the Carpetbagger…….

Well one thing is clear, there is another nail in the coffin of Hillary’s life long ambition of becoming the President. For months, perhaps a couple of years, on/off, I’ve predicted Hillary will not be President of the United States.  Could you imagine the noun “President” preceding a name like Hillary clinton? I can’t.

See the NYTimes Article here ++>>http://nyti.ms/1MvP9Ys

vintage xbox 360 > http://bit.ly/1OLciEs

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Trump gave out the number and urged attendees to call it.

Time for Gra”ha”m-cracker, McCan’t, ole Jeb, Ruby”O” to pack their bags and go back to civilian life.

ROLL TAPE ========>


Check it =====>


ATTN……Hillary Speaks To …….

EMPTY SEATS @GEORGETOWN. All along over the past few years it’s been obvious to me that Hillary Rodham Clinton will not be the next President of the United States.  She’s old, and carries the badge of failure in the illicit affair of the #Benghazi scandal.  That unbridled fateful night @ the embassy on 9-11-12 was […]

UPDATE: Debbie Wasserman Schultz caught in another lie?

What is going on here?  I noticed recently about a month ago, the left wing media beginning to jump ship.  Why?  My theory is they see the King O cruise liner beginning to sink.  The left wing media has had the smooth comfortable ride of their lives with the O Cruise Liner.  But all good things come to end.  Liberals never fight to the end, they bail and just jump onto a better ship.  Not to mention I think they see a much better meal ticket in Romney.  Romney is fresh meet to these wolves.

Does anyone in Washington with a D next their names tell the truth, would you please stand up!

Another name for the Dumicrat party is “The Borg”  Name one leader in that party that tells the truth over there….Yet their supporters condone their behavior.  Until their registered voters make a change as did the Republican voters, (Tea Party) They will continue to lie cheat and steel.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz caught in a lie? | Fox News Video.

Here is Anderson Cooper chewing Wassermann a new one on lying about Paul Ryan care…


You probably saw Wolf Blitzer mentioned on the link above, well here is that interview.


Here is an online petition Wassermann is spewing lies about the Republicans on health care…


Dems defend Obama on debt, say balancing budget now a bad idea

Take a look at the first link, then click second link to find out what the DUMIRATS have to say about our money.


Dems defend Obama on debt, say balancing budget now a bad idea | Fox News.

Bill Clinton’s Speech The Highlight Of Democratic Convention: Poll

The 21st century question, what is wrong with the SHEEPLE. The answer might b they are a product of THE DUMIRAT’S scheme. It’s a scheme that has been around for 100 yrs. One that is designed to dumb us all down, and return us back to the Roman Empire days, the aristocrat vs the proletariat. Israel

Ironically Bill Clinton is the one who fell a sleep @ the Islamic switch when he was President.  Carter opened the Pandora box, and Bill kept it open.  In other words, both Bill and Jimmy are the reason we R here today.

Bill Clinton’s Speech The Highlight Of Democratic Convention: Poll.


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