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UPDATE as of 10-19-2012-Gallup poll shows Romney up 7; too large a gap for Obama comeback?

The following link is to my blog on Jeff Greenfield assuming Obama won the second debate.  The next link shows a poll taken after the second debate.  The voters are in an ostensible disagreement with Mr Greenfield and the left wing news media.  No surprise there!


Post second election polling…..


Gallup poll shows Romney up 6 right after the second debate; too large a gap for Obama comeback?

Gallup poll shows Romney up 6; too large a gap for Obama comeback? | Deseret News

UPDATE AS of 10-19-2012


ROMNEY UP 7-The above link talks about Gallup Poll being up from 6 to 7 amongst likely voters, the link below is a graph on these voters, and a break down on past elections.


Madonna Endorses President Obama; You all better vote for fu…


Madonna told the crowd: “You all better vote for fcking Obama okay,” reports TheHill.com.

Need I say more.  Just a note here; many years ago Madonna moved to England and she was asked why.  Her reply, because America is immoral.  Really?

via Madonna Endorses President Obama.

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