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Ralph Peters: You kill the terrorists…”you leave behind smoking ruins & crying widows”

Exactly! KILL THEM, plain and simple. 

The question of the day; “Why should the American People be sensitive to Muslim’s and their family’s, post 911 shouldn’t be the other way around?  After-all, weren’t we attacked on both 911’s? 


Bill Clinton’s Speech The Highlight Of Democratic Convention: Poll

The 21st century question, what is wrong with the SHEEPLE. The answer might b they are a product of THE DUMIRAT’S scheme. It’s a scheme that has been around for 100 yrs. One that is designed to dumb us all down, and return us back to the Roman Empire days, the aristocrat vs the proletariat. Israel

Ironically Bill Clinton is the one who fell a sleep @ the Islamic switch when he was President.  Carter opened the Pandora box, and Bill kept it open.  In other words, both Bill and Jimmy are the reason we R here today.

Bill Clinton’s Speech The Highlight Of Democratic Convention: Poll.


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