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ATTN: In case you missed it, 1st GOP Debate for 2016

http://bit.ly/1KdwhfZ L

Sorry folks, Fox News pulled the debate vids down from You tube. Instead, I was able to find Highlights from the debate, they are right below here, enjoy.


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http://bit.ly/1KdwhfZ L

http://bit.ly/15sEXxp PITs

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John Boehner just endured the biggest revolt against a House speaker in more than 150 years

Within 12 months of his new SpeakerShip, 2010, John Boehner demonstrated no leadership what so ever, just whining about Obama thereby confirming my gut feeling about him.  I mean when he cried on the House floor, really, what was that all about? Was he really scared? 

Finally, the House is going to rid itself of his SpeakerShip.  If for no other reason he needs to pay for Obamacare, in my opinion he is worse than Obama.  I’m proud of the GOP, doing the right thing.  The Democrats should have done the same with Nancy “bi partisanship”Pelosi. 

I give credit to the Trumpster for this ousting, Trumps back bone appears to be influencing some in Congress, let’s hope so. If that’s so, then perhaps the GOP will delightfully surprise us, I tread those waters lightly, 🙂 There is hope.

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Hillary “The Ugly Betty” 4 Prez, remember this? >>

CBS Exposes Hillary Clinton Bosnia Trip.

click here to see her faulty memory
ooops> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A46VRmcLtfU

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? > http://bit.ly/1KdwhfZ

Trump gave out the number and urged attendees to call it.

Time for Gra”ha”m-cracker, McCan’t, ole Jeb, Ruby”O” to pack their bags and go back to civilian life.

ROLL TAPE ========>


Check it =====>


What? Rick Perry

AUSTIN – Today Governor Perry released the following statement in response to Donald Trump’s reprehensible comments on Senator John McCain.

“Donald Trump should apologize immediately for attacking Senator McCain and all veterans who have protected and served our country. As a veteran and an American, I respect Sen. McCain because he volunteered to serve his country. I cannot say the same of Mr. Trump. His comments have reached a new low in American politics. His attack on veterans make him unfit to be Commander-in-Chief of the U.S. Armed Forces, and he should immediately withdraw from the race for President.

Apologize for what? For telling the truth? I’m a U.S. Army Veteran, and I’m hear to tell you Trump was not out of line here.  I remember Trump from his early years when he was 26 yrs old, and he is a smart, kind and decent man, I’ll bet he’s raised more money for charities than all Presidential Candates in the past 15 yrs, an exception might be Mit Romeny. 

Since 2000, when he ran for the Presidency the first time, I have repeatedly said “McCan’t is all talk and no action!” What has he done since 2000, or 2008 for his country? Talk, Talk, Talk, McCan’t is er-relative. Remember this,

“John McCain announced that he would suspend his campaign and asked that Friday’s debate be postponed. Why? Because of the “historic crisis in our financial system,” said McCain, who intends to return to Washington tomorrow to participate in Wall Street bailout negotiations on the Hill.”

Link to McCain’t dropping out article below.

Answer this question for yourself, what did the coward, McCain’t do to the fix the economy? hint; nothing.

Previously, over many years, I’ve always “had” the utmost respect for John McCain, I heard of him while I was serving my country, back in the day, he wasn’t a politician then, he was a soldier. But his despicable distasteful run against George W was enough for me to spit John McCan’t out. And his Post Shenanigans with the GOP over the past 15 years is disgusting.

Instead of addressing the issues, and telling us what Perry will do if elected POTUS, Rick Perry again shows, like ole Jeb, & McCan’t, how profoundly out of touch with the American people, he is, #smoke&mirrors.

Rick did a great job for the state of Texas now it’s time for him to blow away. Btw, Perry’s childish outbursts of fiery in his bid for GOP nomination, was quite frankly unacceptable to me. Rick Perry’s behavior then and now, is part of the Mammoth disease that has been destroying our GOP for many years.



U.S. military social media accounts apparently hacked by Islamic State sympathizers – The Washington Post


The Constitution is not an Instrument for the Government to restrain the People, it is an instrument for the People to restrain the Government.

-Patrick Henry

Another dismal failure on Obama’s watch to keep our borders secure. Just one incident undetected is all it takes to bring this country down to it’s knees. 

#2nd #500x #sendthecarpetbaggerpackin2016

Click here….

U.S. military social media accounts apparently hacked by Islamic State sympathizers – The Washington Post.



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ATTN……Hillary Speaks To …….

EMPTY SEATS @GEORGETOWN. All along over the past few years it’s been obvious to me that Hillary Rodham Clinton will not be the next President of the United States.  She’s old, and carries the badge of failure in the illicit affair of the #Benghazi scandal.  That unbridled fateful night @ the embassy on 9-11-12 was […]

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