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Thank you so much ahead of time. Recently I’ve been fully engaged exposing The Left Wing Commi Pinkos on the left, my Tweets were featured on CNBC, and Huffington Post, so I know I’m effective. Influental in disposing of the piece of Var-men

William Eggler AKA(@UlcerMagazine) MARION FROBISHER…

This Thing tweeted THE FOLLOWING to me a couple of weeks ago b4 HE, either closed his account down, or he was shut down. This vile piece of crap is a symptom of the disease called the Left-Wing. #LiberalismIsAmentalDisorder.

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We are fighting a culture war, and I’m right on the front lines of it. I can’t do it alone, We need to Stand together and do what ever it takes to win this war. My blog website https://politicalsleightofhand.com/   <<CLILCK THE LINK ITS GOOD..

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Thanks to David AxelRod we R able to take a closer look @ King Obama’s Record…y Standard

More lies coming out of the White House.  Ever wonder what AxelROD types are drinking or taking for that matter?  Liberalism is a mental disorder.


Specious Democratic Talking Points | The Weekly Standard.

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