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Obama lawyer warned against certifying eligibility

How much proof does every one need to believe either Obama was not born here, 2. He doesn’t want the American people to know his real father’s name, Frank Marshall Davis, for political reason’s, 3. or for another reason we don’t understand right now.

This reminds of the JFK conspiracy, the reason why it grew legs, still very much alive today, is because of all the unanswered questions that couldn’t be logically explained to the American People.  Just like now, below you will find 5 links to Obama’s secret past.  Links that lead to more and more questions.  If you can logically explain everything away, beyond reasonable doubt, please drop me a line as to what that information is. 


Obama lawyer warned against certifying eligibility.

Obama’s Real Father Please Stand Up. (Frank Marshall Davis)



Arpaio calls Congress to move on Obama eligibility | Times 247



Obama’s College Classmate: ‘The Obama Scandal Is at Columbia’


Did Hawaii’s DoH use Virginia Sunahara’s Birth Certificate number to create Obama’s bogus birth certificates?


Root: Obama’s College Classmate: ‘The Obama Scandal Is at Columbia’ | TheBlaze.com

Well folks, what can I say, u either believe the conspiracy or u don’t.  I noticed that people have not taken Obama’s birth certificate seriously.  Honestly if that’s the only conspiracy I would march right along side of u.  However, the birth-er issue is only one ounce of a pound of suspicions, un answered question surrounding “That One” Folks all u have to do is put the dots together.  How about this dot, https://politicalsleightofhand.com/2012/07/18/arpaio-calls-congress-to-move-on-obama-eligibility-times-247/ .

I remember the J.F.K. conspiracy, now folks I’m not a conspirator I am a fact finder common sense guy, and of course we may never really ever no the real truth.  But one God given tool, that I thank him for often, is my gut.  And during the many years of observation, over the J.F.K. assassination, every question I answered I had 10 more. 

My mind was never satisfied with the lone shooter theory.  Many years ago I actually stood in that window @ the book depository, overlooking the grassy knoll, held a make shift rifle like the one Oswald used, aimed where J.F.K. passed that fateful day, and imagined what he allegedly thought about that day.  And I remember writing  in the log book down stairs in that building, questioning his ability to make that shot.  Keep in mind, I am an expert Marx-man.  I know about firing a high caliber weapon, btw, Oswald s rifle was a piece of crap from a mail order catalog, and what it takes to make a shot like that, especially the President of the United States.  Just a side note here, the mail order rifle, really, Oswald a trained spy, and thought to b a marx-man himself would not use a high caliber weapon to shoot the most popular President of the United States?  Again, more questions.

K, y am I talking about that conspiracy?  For every question  I find a possible answer to about the Big O, I find 10 more.  My second point, and I will b brief, is witness testimony. I find Arpaio, (see above link) to b a credible witness, listen to this interview with a man whose sister passed away, and cannot retrieve her birth certificate from the state of Hawaii.  https://politicalsleightofhand.com/2012/05/26/something-juicy-for-all-u-birthers-did-hawaiis-doh-use-virginia-sunaharas-birth-certificate-number-to-create-obamas-bogus-birth-certificates/

The German people did not want to believe that their beloved Adolf Hitler was a ruthless murderer, I can assure u we all didn’t want to believe that Richard Nixon was involved with a coverup.  Believe me there were all kinds of conspiracies floating around those two.  Were they right?  Obviously!  Let’s agree that everything starts with a conspiracy theory of one sort or another.  These are what investigations are all about.  The lesson learned here is that just because we think something is so outrageously out of the realm of reason.  We must still forge ahead with our critical thinking hats on and think critically.  Ask questions, be satisfied one way or another in your gut, trust ur gut.  Here is a way of thought, if your one of those that believe Obama was born in this country, prove it to yourself.  You b the judge, and then see if your satisfied in your gut whether or not he was. 

There is so many questions out there about this man we call our President.  This post was not about that, it merely was to point out a conspiracy isn’t always a conspiracy by definition.  A conspiracy occasionally is an actual crime, or cover up of a crime, perhaps a ruse to disguise what really might b the truth.  And because it involves our President it is our duty to get to the truth.  Lastly, if we do not think these so called conspiracies through for our selves, for our country,  then we are most certainly doomed.  We may b already.

Let’s prove it one way or another.  Is he who he says he is?  Was he born where he said he was born?  Did he go to the schools he said he attended?  That question should resonate in your mind while you examine what is behind the link below.


Root: Obama’sCollege Classmate: ‘The Obama Scandal Is at Columbia’ | TheBlaze.com.

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