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UPDATE – KING OBAMA CHINAGATE -China wary of U.S. military moves in Asia-Pacific



Another scandal.  I posted the blog below, click link,  back in May of 2012.  It’s a clue.


Then click this link, hmmmm what is going on?  Is China preparing for war against the UNITED STATES?  There is a rumor floating around that the Chinese military is taking an interest in Japan.  Am  witnessing what my dad witnessed prior to his service in WWII, now the beginning of WWIII? I am an amateur historian, and I see a number of things going on TODAY  that resemble the very beginning of WWII.

History repeats itself, I’m sure of it.  Did you know that WWII did not start for us when Pearl Harbor was bombed?  In fact, one of our DESTROYER escorts was sunk by the Japanese in the American territory of Japan prior to the Pearl  bombing.  It’s my belief that FDR purposely squashed that incident from the American People.  Any way that’s for another blog.  LET’S ROLL PEOPLE.

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