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John Boehner just endured the biggest revolt against a House speaker in more than 150 years

Within 12 months of his new SpeakerShip, 2010, John Boehner demonstrated no leadership what so ever, just whining about Obama thereby confirming my gut feeling about him.  I mean when he cried on the House floor, really, what was that all about? Was he really scared? 

Finally, the House is going to rid itself of his SpeakerShip.  If for no other reason he needs to pay for Obamacare, in my opinion he is worse than Obama.  I’m proud of the GOP, doing the right thing.  The Democrats should have done the same with Nancy “bi partisanship”Pelosi. 

I give credit to the Trumpster for this ousting, Trumps back bone appears to be influencing some in Congress, let’s hope so. If that’s so, then perhaps the GOP will delightfully surprise us, I tread those waters lightly, 🙂 There is hope.

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