Matt Damon argues with black movie producer Effie Brown about racial diversity

I am by no means a fan of Matt Damon, he was a good actor once, but now I think he’s a big blowhard.  Not to mention a flaming Liberal, which is why this article is fascinating.  Having said all that, I’m sick and tired of the blacks in the minority crying about racial inequality, it is 2015.

My biggest complaint on this issue is black movies hire mostly black actors.  Have you ever noticed the difference between white movies and black movies, in terms of skin color?  Have you seen lately what black actors make, and how much they are worth? Or any other profession for that matter, i.e. football players? Really. Did you know the Will Smith just gave $150’000 to Racist loony Farrakhan, to support one of his black causes? Moreover, I think the black caucus in Congress is racist.  I think the NAACP – Think about that for a moment, that is a racist Title for an organization.

National Association for the Advancement of Colored People

My point is, what is the black communities complaint really? Do they have one?  The civil rights act of 1964, The POUTUS is half black, but leans towards his black side.  The First Lady is black!  Yet they still are not happy, or maybe they don’t want the freebies to go away, along with the political power. which is probably more the case.

White people go over board giving the ship away to the minorities, i.e. they, white people, all but destroyed Paula Dene, why? Do you think in a dominant black community they would give up that much to the white minority? I don’t think so.  South Africa is just about 80% black and as far as I can see white people in that country are not receiving any kind of equality benefits.

America abolished slavery, it did not create it.  White people today owe the black minorities nothing.  Btw, the Democrats labeled blacks minorities back in the 60s.

Lastly, once again, why do black people continue to judge a book by it’s “color?”  Wasn’t that their biggest complaint?  The founders didn’t guarentee anything but a shot at a piece of the American dream, that’s it.  It’s up to us, the American people, black or white to make it happen for ourselves.  God knows I’ve never had any advantage in life.  My white skin got me nowhere.  O.J. Simpson was worth 30 million dollars before he murdered his wife.  I likely will never see that kind of money in my lifetime.  O.J. was a black kid from the projects.  How did that happen in a predominately white country?  I’ll let you figure that out.

Btw, I don’t include good black Americans, in this conversation, who believe in the constitution, and disagree with their prejudice, at best,  brothers and sister’s. Allen West i.e. is one of the finest American I know of.

I’m a white guy, who says get over yourself!

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Source: Matt Damon argues with black movie producer Effie Brown about racial diversity

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